9rules Reloaded

Well, I can tell you one thing. The words “Sweet Jesus” certainly are justified when I looked upon the newly designed 9rules page. Still, given it’s background, it’s still hard to mouth what 9rules is all about from it’s front page. But once you get the hang of what 9rules is all about, you’ll appreciate that it’s not in the home page that you find heart of it, it’s in the community of blogs that make up the 9rules community network.

But for those of you who still don’t know what 9rules is all about, let me explain what it is the way I see it. It’s a place where you can find good content that you can connect to. It isn’t just a bunch of random blogs coming together to form some sort of aggregation. 9rules is made up of what’s good out there. It might not be the best content, it might not even be the most popular content, but it is still great content and that’s where we come in.

Where the community comes in is in the readers. It’s about bringing together what you want and what we want. 9rules is built on building relationships with fellow bloggers not just on the “hey you got a blog too?” relationship, but the kind that can land you close friends or even a job in the market. Personally I landed myself some great webhosting for a price no one can still believe. I also landed the help of friends who do know what web designing is about. So personally I’m not complaining. I like being sociable.

But all this comes at knowing what you want. 9rules works for you when you know what you want out of blogging. It works better when you know what your niche is and you’re just tired of landing yourself in a lot of “me too” blogs. While you can take the opportunity to build from it, 9rules isn’t about the hits nor is it about the money. To me, 9rules answers the question to what happens after we start blogging. It is simply the next logical step beyond being the narcissistic bloggers we all start off as.

So to the new design, while I still might take a while to get used to it (especially to it’s version name Ali). I still salute it. Not because I can appreciate aesthetics, but I can appreciate the purpose and practicality of what 9rules is. No blog is an island where people pass over everyday. It’s our home and we’re damn proud of it. It’s about time we met other people who gave a damn about how their homes looked like.

Or you can read the beautiful yet extensively written About Page.

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