How 9rules Notes Has Overtaken My Social Life

I seem to be spending a lot of my time going through the 9rules notes lately. I don’t know what the original purpose of the notes were, but they are designed to look like anyone could “blog” on 9rules. Turns out now that they have become some sort of a cross between blog posts and a forum. A perfect blend of both that fits in nicely with new 9rules “social networking” capability – my.9rules.

I don’t know about you but this is the sort of thing I’ve been waiting for a long time. A place where I can I can put a face to the blogs I tend to visit. Ok maybe putting a face to it is too strong a word since technically I’ve only met one other fellow 9ruler. 9rules is a place where I can interact with the wild and wacky people that make up the 9rules community. And I say community because it isn’t just made up 9rulers, but also the frequent readers that are as addicted to the notes as I am.

Of course, there is another reason why I’m addicted to the notes. The Personal Community notes currently ranks the most discussed community in 9rules. I like to take pride in that because yours truly is a Personal Community Leader and as Cas said we fight to be heard. So I say yay to us bunch of screaming zealots.

But truthfully, I’m addicted to it because the notes bring back the nostalgic feel of old school forums, with the new school feel of blogging and social networking. It’s basically the best of both worlds because I’m not the kind that can get into social networking sites that easily and forums are hard to navigate unless you have the time for it. This is simple, in your face and I still get to connect with people I want to. How is it not something that can sucker you in?

So yeah…while I’m supposed to be doing other things in life, I sit here constantly refreshing the notes because I want to see what other have posted. Not really something a Personal Community leader should be setting an example by, but I can’t help it. 9rules has created an addictive drug and God help me that it’s actually legal.

3 thoughts on “How 9rules Notes Has Overtaken My Social Life

  1. I’m having that too, so much even that I’ve deliberately slowed down a bit. I don’t know why really, but it has something to do with not wanting to feel like a forum addict… and have my life be overtaken by it, lol.

    But it’s true, notes have seen a dramatic change from just, well, notes, to something that is indeed very close to a forum. The question I ask myself, is how does that affect the so-called quality we were after? I mean, this way notes become less and less a resource for information (something I think they were meant to be).

    Oh, I think they’re great, though, and I think STM can be very proud of what they achieved and we of being part of it all.

    I’m back off to the notes now 😉

  2. I think it depends on what we’re looking for. Remember the small issue with quality of content and the fact that some people couldn’t get into the topics that 9rules kept churning out. This somehow works because now the readers can help direct the course of the content. It’s shifting to what the readers want and I don’t think it’ll stop at personal. I think it’ll shift with the times and that would give every community a chance to walk the talk.

    You know what would be really fun? Wait till the United States election comes into play. You’d see the politics section really take off on that one.

  3. I just started hitting the notes up again today after a brief hiatus. I’m also watching my activity there.. carefully. I have been known in the past to become a MAJOR forum addict, checking them throughout the day and spending far too much of my time posting to them. Having said that, I love the 9Rules Notes.

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