Kamigoroshi Report: The #9rules Nothing Conspiracy

Some days when you’re really bored with nothing to do. Some things just pop into your head without any reason. Sometimes that just gives rise to new ideas you’d never thought about. Sometimes it just does does both and then creates something worth laughing about, much like this.

Conversation with #9rules on 6/7/2007 11:44:34 PM:
(11:44:35 PM) #9rules: The topic for #9rules is: Happy Birthday Tyme || IRC Birthday Party for Tyme at 4PM in #9rules-birthday
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(12:00:19 AM) jchristopher [n=jchristo@rrcs-24-97-19-26.nys.biz.rr.com] entered the room.
(12:22:57 AM) Kamigoroshi: Its a quiet day in the channel with nothing happening in the front..
(12:23:11 AM) Kamigoroshi: That’s right yessiree..
(12:23:20 AM) Kamigoroshi: Absolutely nothing going on..
(12:23:46 AM) Kamigoroshi: So i’m going to report the fact that nothing is going on, if only to make something happen by this reporting..
(12:24:19 AM) Kamigoroshi: We now interrupt this report for a late breaking report..
(12:24:21 AM) shep [n=shep@71-81-196-215.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com] entered the room.
(12:24:37 AM) Kamigoroshi: Joey is a woman with a deep voice..
(12:24:52 AM) Kamigoroshi: We now return to your regular report on nothing at all..
(12:25:08 AM) Kamigoroshi: And here in this corner of the channel we have…nothing happening as well..
(12:25:30 AM) Kamigoroshi: Which is nothing odd because over there on the other side of the channel there is nothing happening too..
(12:25:41 AM) Kamigoroshi: Could this strange coincidence be connected?
(12:25:45 AM) Kamigoroshi: Maybe…
(12:26:33 AM) Kamigoroshi: People (namely people with a lot of time on their hands) have theorized that this odd coincidence of nothing happening on both corners to be the work of some higher force..
(12:27:24 AM) Kamigoroshi: But to make matters even more odd is the fact on this end of the channel…nothing is happening as well..
(12:27:55 AM) Kamigoroshi: Religious zealots have claimed this to be the work of God..
(12:28:27 AM) Kamigoroshi: The problem is now the different factions are fighting over which of their God is creating this odd phenomena of nothing happening in all quadrants of the channel..
(12:29:12 AM) ChUrP [n=churp@p54894d60.dip.t-dialin.net] entered the room.
(12:29:29 AM) Kamigoroshi: At the same time atheists are calling all the religious zealots as dumb idiots for believing in such a thing..
(12:29:52 AM) Kamigoroshi: Meanwhile agnostics don’t really care less any other way..
(12:30:49 AM) Kamigoroshi: This odd phenomenon of nothing happening in the channel has drawn the interest of researchers and scientists and it has literally been inundated with one nosy cat..
(12:31:08 AM) Kamigoroshi: How long this curious cat can stay alive, that’s best left to anyone’s guess..
(12:32:53 AM) Kamigoroshi: If the cat dies, this unusual phenomena of nothing happening in the channel will end…which will prove all the religious zealots wrong and turn their attention to the atheist that spurned them in the beginning and the relatives of the cat that proved them wrong and embarrassed the hell out of their inflated ego..
(12:33:06 AM) Kamigoroshi: But if Schroedinger was right, the cat is already dead at the same time it’s alive..
(12:33:21 AM) Kamigoroshi: We can only speculate this cat is not only curious but also a zombie cat..
(12:34:39 AM) Kamigoroshi: We will return to your report on “The #9rules Nothing Happening Here” phenomena after this commercial break….
(12:35:46 AM) Kamigoroshi: This report was brought to you by Kamigoroshi. Visit http://kamigoroshi.net/ for more interesting insights into the strange and interesting world that you take for granted everyday!!
(12:36:40 AM) Kamigoroshi: We now return you to the report on “The #9rules Nothing Happening Here” phenomena…
(12:38:05 AM) Kamigoroshi: The zombie cat has now re-attracted the interest of conspiracy theorists that perhaps the cat was a failed resurrection as a result of drinking from the Cup of Life, also known as the Holy Grail..
(12:38:59 AM) Kamigoroshi: Brazilians on the other hand speculate that the zombie cat wanted to watch football on TV which was what the Cup of Life actually means to people in Brazil…
(12:39:48 AM) Kamigoroshi: If these speculations are true, then maybe Jesus didn’t die on the cross but instead lived the rest of his life by drinking out from the Holy Grail..
(12:40:39 AM) Kamigoroshi: If this is true, then the zombie cat is actually Jesus’ cat or at least the cat from his neighbourhood that wandered into his house looking for the toilet bowl but found the Holy Grail instead..
(12:41:38 AM) Kamigoroshi: If this true then whatever fictitious story brought about by “The Da Vinci Code” might actually be true..
(12:42:12 AM) Kamigoroshi: This in turn would raise many questions..
(12:42:23 AM) Kamigoroshi: Who is the descendant of Jesus?
(12:42:35 AM) Kamigoroshi: Who does the zombie cat belong to?
(12:42:41 AM) Schurb left the room (quit: Connection timed out).
(12:43:05 AM) Kamigoroshi: Was the purpose of the zombie cat meant to disprove Catholicism and thus whatever religious that came after it?
(12:43:14 AM) Kamigoroshi: Were the Jews right?
(12:43:41 AM) Kamigoroshi: How is all of this connected to the strange nothingness that is happening in the #9rules channel?
(12:44:25 AM) Kamigoroshi: Stay tuned for part two of the “The #9rules Nothing Happening Here” phenomena which will be aired the next time no one else in the channel talks and nothing happens…

4 thoughts on “Kamigoroshi Report: The #9rules Nothing Conspiracy

  1. oh man, now look who’s procrastinating? 😛

    and i’m procrastinating like usualy by blog hopping….hohoho

  2. Pat: Well, it was late and I couldn’t really study much. 🙂

    Kris: At least I’m putting my mind to work…even if it’s in strange and unusual ways. 🙂

  3. Woah, I remember when I used to do that in IRC. Of course, I don’t talk in IRC anymore because of the fact that I have more important stuff to do in life. And yet, I’m taking some precious time out of doing those things.

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