A Mouthful Of Penis

You have to admit, if you though the pussy post was as funny as hell, this one just takes it to a whole new level.

<geeksmakemehot> peni are cool
<JitteryJibby> penises!
<desk003> i think its penises
<geeksmakemehot> IT’S PENI
<Firas> geeksmakemehot: where did you come up with that plural?
<geeksmakemehot> I made it up!
<geeksmakemehot> b/c i like it!
<geeksmakemehot> penises is a mouthful 😀
<Firas> no comment
<Ravensky> …
<desk003> lmfao
<desk003> n/c
<Ravensky> geeksmakemehot, uhh
<shawn_grimes> erm..

Well…she can have her mouthful in penises, but I think I like my cat on my tongue very well because I certainly don’t mind a mouthful of it at all. Damn…too bad I wasn’t around for a witty comeback. It would have been fun. You got to love the folks at #wordpress. But one quesstion boggles me though.

Is the plural for penis peni or penises?

8 thoughts on “A Mouthful Of Penis

  1. Peni is not even a word…hmm.

    How much can one mouth handle with so many ‘penises’ inside??
    Unless… err..ok! Clean thoughts….!!

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