Addiction Anonymous…

My name is Edrei and yes I am an addict. I know I’m an addict enough that I have to use after I wake up and before I go to sleep. I’m an addict enough to know that I feel restless…uneasy and agitated when I’m not on it. I’m an addict enough to know it’s like a nightmare everytime I try to quit and all I can do is break up in fevered cold sweat telling myself “just one more day“.

It’s not that all surprising that I am one anyway seeing the life that I live. In fact, I don’t even know when I started becoming one. Maybe it was temptation of it calling me to do it after the first try. Maybe it was the need to find a way to turn away from all the blood in my life. Maybe it was just a natural part of my obsessive compulsive habits.

Whatever the case, I’m now suffering from a disorder as a result of my addiction. The symptoms are mild but the dignosis is that it’s expected to get even more serious as time passes. The effect of which is going to cost me a lot of money in the long run and seeing that I don’t even have enough money for myself…that is going to be a serious problem to begin with. But then we all have to pay the price of our addictions.

Mine just happens to be WPT Syndrome.

WordPress Tweaking Syndrome.

It is the price of being a net junkie.

Yes indeed, it’s not everyday that I don’t do something to my blog. Seeing that WordPress gives you full power over how you want your blog to be and is just choke full of customisable plugins, it’s just hard to not be tempted to use them. Ever since I have switched to WordPress as my blog, there is not a day that goes by that I haven’t been logged into my FTP uploading some plugin or just spent hours looking at a php file in order to tweak the blog “a little bit more”.

And it’s costing me a lot of net credit money.

As opposed to places like crack houses where some drug junkies gather and get high. I often find myself in a place similar to that at the wordpress irc channel where some people like me gather and find better ways of troubleshooting whatever stands between us and our WordPress powered blogs.

Whatever works for me I guess.

As long as I feel that sheer bliss everytime I get something working right on my own in my blog. I guess that’s my high right about there. Not much to speak for except for the fact my affliction causes some issue with other people. Sometimes I get so tuned out that I forget to talk to people and spend all my time in my room jacking up (in the clean way) my blog without even seeing the sun for the whole day. Sometimes people like this one tend to get worked up for no reason because I’m guilty for not being about to tweak the files properly.

Damn my addiction.

I don’t think I can ever escape this addiction and this affliction of mine. I just can’t help it. For whatever reasons that drive me too it. It keeps calling to me, waving temptation in my face and wanting me to make feel better about myself for doing it. There is not a minute that goes by that it’s not on my mind and without it I feel like I’m half the person I was before and that makes me feel very small.

It’s just the way it is I guess.

One day you’d probably see me in some gutter nearby asking money from passerbys in order for me just to go online and just blog or tweak my blog because I’ve used all my money up doing just that in the first place.

Sad life this is.

But a life to live nevertheless.

Now if you will excuse me, I think there is another plugin I have to tweak.

If I can figure out how it works.

I need to…I just need to…just so need to.

7 thoughts on “Addiction Anonymous…

  1. Bwaahahhahahahhah oh dear me oh dear me.

    but the plug-ins look really cool. Excellent enhancements for the site though. nice to see how you’ve made them seamless and all.

  2. “I get so tuned out that I forget to talk to people” – now doesn’t that seem familiar…hehehe

    Oh well, can’t blame you also for tweaking so much…but please check your messages 😉

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