Attack Of The IM Conversation Killers







What do all these words have in common? From where I’m standing, they are the last things you will ever hear or say in an instant messaging conversation. Seriously, there are conversations where as much as you try to keep it interesting, sometimes you’re just bombarded with people that will reply with line upon line of “lol!!”.

Naturally at this point, I’d be inclined to close the window and never speak to them again. There is only a finite amount of patience and a limited amount of time I can waste, even when trying to socialize with people.

The problem of course is do you even bother saying hi in the first place if you don’t really have anything to talk about? Many a times, I would message someone with the intention of idle chatter only to be stopped after asking them how they are. Not exactly the kind of thing I’d like in a conversation. More so when I happen to have a lot of people on my contact list. What’s the point of having them all there when I can’t even hold a conversation that lasted more than 5 lines? Why did I ever have them there in the first place?

Oh wait I forgot. To build personal relationships with people.

Still, sometimes it can’t be helped. As much as I would love to have a conversation I can’t tear away from. Those often come once in a blue moon and only if that blue moon was eclipsed by the moon made of green cheese. As sad as it may be, instant messaging for me at least, is the only contact I have with a world beyond my grasp. Like finding friends worth building a relationship with, sometimes you really have to sift through a contact list fill of dead conversations to find them. Doesn’t mean I like it any less. It just means I have more reason to put up with it on the way to what I want.

Why anyone can’t continue a conversation with “Well, I’m trying to figure out a way to get a lightbulb out of my friend’s ass, but other than that, it’s all good.” is beyond me. It certainly does make the conversation a whole lot more interesting. At least it’s guaranteed to hold the conversation for a little while longer.

And that at the end of it is always what matters.

6 thoughts on “Attack Of The IM Conversation Killers

  1. Relationships need time to develop. If you think about closing a window after 5 lines and never talk again to the person you are just not in the right mood to talk to people you don’t know.
    No matter how smart someone is, everyone got a bad day and even some really smart people have a lot of them.
    If you really want to build new personal relations over IM you need time and put a lot of afford in it or it won’t work out.

    To get to the point where someone tells you about a “lightbulb in a friends ass” you have to have builded a “good relation” – and you won’t get to this point if you don’t get pass the “w00d l0l i’m a h@x0r I run linus 10.2”.
    Compare it to a flirt with a woman – you don’t just start with “hey, you are hot, let’s have sex” (at least you do not start this way very often). No, you talk about weather, and everything else for some minutes 😉

  2. Naturally it takes time, but like all things it has to start somewhere. If there is no connection there in the first place. It’s hard to carry the conversation any further. For the most part, conversations don’t even get to the point where you talk about the weather and everything else under the sun. I just don’t know what to say when people respond back with one liner responses that lead nowhere especially if you keep on asking the questions.

  3. My sentiments exactly. Hard to want to talk to someone if all I get from them is TXT-speak. Whether it’s on IM or SMS. Really pisses me off with all these one-liners 🙁

  4. Haha, this happens to me so much it’s not even funny. People will be like “hey” “what’s up”. And I say “Do you expect me to try and talk to you when you say that?” Another thing people of that crowd expect you to do is reply to their “hi”/”:)”/”what’s up” within 3 seconds, but cannot type faster than a dolphin on crack.

    Quickest way to kill a conversation: “r u there”/”yt”/etc.

  5. i’m guilty of ‘lol’.

    that’s especially when i’m loaded with work (with a busy sign in my YM) but bugged by people.


  6. Tine: And there is nothing you can do about it.

    Doug: The greeting isn’t so much of a problem. It’s what comes after that. And yes, sometimes people forget that is doesn’t take less than 3 seconds to answer and take years to give a reply themselves. But most of the time, I let that slide.

    Tulipspeaks: Automated responses work wonders. Especially when they tell people you’re indisposed at the moment.

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