Bad Blogspot – Spank That Spam In The Ass

We all hate spam…unless it’s the edible kind. Unless you really don’t like the edible kind, then I can say you hate all kinds of spam. I just digressed in the first 10 seconds. What a record. Anyway going back to the point and I do have one which follows this path of logic.

  1. Spam comments are bad.
  2. Bad behavior should be punished.
  3. Punishment should be severe and not kinky.

Hence by that logic alone you should know that Bad Behavior 1.2.3 is already out. One of the most effective comment and trackback spam filters available…to WordPress users. If it’s good enough to be a part of, it should be good enough to be part of your own wordpress blog.

If you don’t already have it, get it. If you already have it, update it already. What are you waiting for? It works. It keeps spam away and it’s available for download here.

On a very related note, it would appear that Blogspot is facing a really serious problem. Apparently about 39, 000 fake blogs were created on Blogspot within the last 2 weeks, which needless to say is a very bad thing which leads to this happening.

The move prompted IceRocket to stop indexing new posts from, according to a blunt post from Mark Cuban, a major investor in IceRocket. Cuban says Blogspot indexing will resume once filters are adjusted, but warned Google to fix the problem or face a permanent ban.

As it is, the best thing any Blogspot user can do now is to report any and all Splogs that they come across…which shouldn’t be too hard considering the sheer amount of it created in such short a time. Of course, if the ban does come to effect, looks like the best thing you can do is move to another blog application. I hear is coming along nicely. No better reason than a spamless blog eh?

Remember, say no to spam…unless its the edible kind.

7 thoughts on “Bad Blogspot – Spank That Spam In The Ass

  1. wordpress filters are good :D. I got my very first spam comment yesterday, and it got filtered and sent to me for moderation straight away so didn’t show up on my site… Unlike some of my friends blogs on blogspot…

    this preview thing is nice, is it a plugin?

  2. > Remember, say no to spam…unless its the edible kind.

    You tryin to emphasize that you eat pork or something?

  3. Grace: Well…if you reach a critical point where you can’t manually manage all your spam (if for instance you get about 8000 spam comments a week like I do) then you probably need the spam filter plugins like Bad Behavior. And yes, the live comment preview is a plugin.

    Lionel: Pork is good…especially when it is in Char Siew Kai Fan. 🙂

  4. Kamigoroshi, Thanks for your support. I’d like to invite you – and all of your readers here – to comment on the Bad Behavior 2 Roadmap. It’s my outline of the next major version of Bad Behavior, and I’m taking feature requests. Of course, if I’ve done my job right, the features you want are already there. 🙂

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