Better English Means Higher Google Hits

Here is something I really didn’t know. Apparently the better your spelling and grammar is, higher up you will be on the google hit list. I found it here on this blog regarding Search Engine Optimisations (SEO). It’s a little old, but it’s a good read to begin with. Here are one of the similarities that all the high hit lists seem to share:

No page had more than three misspelled words or four grammatical errors. Note: spelling and grammar errors were identified by using Microsoft Word’s check feature, and then ruling out words marked as misspellings that are either proper names or new words that are simply not in the dictionary.

I guess it ain’t all about Pagerank after all. Also this means the rest of you have a better reason to start improving your english, though I wonder about the other pages and blogs in other languages and how does Google fit themselves into all this. Still…no wonder some of you have been correcting my spelling mistakes a lot lately.

Talk about a good thing.

Then again…my spelling isn’t always the best in the world.

It’s a dyslexic thing.

Go figure.

4 thoughts on “Better English Means Higher Google Hits

  1. I cannot help it whenever I see any grammatical or spelling error, correction is a must!!! No matter how minor it is 😀

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