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Being that my exams are all over. I’m taking the liberty from this off winter season to bring everything up to date, specifically the three things I’ve been meaning to add to the blog but never had the opportunity to. Footsteps in the Mirror has been growing steadily over the past few months ironically without me realizing or paying any attention to it. Given the influx of readers that will probably come once 9rules finalizes the 4 round member placements, I thought it was about time I actually placed some policies, copyrights and disclaimers around here.

Actually it’s been a while that I have been operating under a certain rules in which Footsteps in the Mirror is running on. It’s just that this time, I’d like to make it a little official, just so when the absolute clueless come in, I actually have the blindingly obvious ready to spell out to them.

Naysayers may call the act cowardly to hide behind or oppressive of the right to the freedom of speech. I just call those naysayers complete morons because I don’t think there was a country in the world that works and was built on having no system or no rules at all. Of course there are meant to be rules and standards involved when you’re building from the ground up, there just no other way to maintain civility and order when you’re reduced to complete anarchy.

I don’t know, in a way, it is sad when you realize that you’re forced to write down what constitues as common sense. On the other hand, you’re given a certain sense of narcissistic relief when you know you’d become big enough to have to write down common sense for others. Either way, the situation called for it and I’m just doing what probably was long overdue to begin with.

So without pretty much anything else to say, I do stress that Footsteps in the Mirror now operates under a disclaimer, a comment policy and a copyright. Be sure to read them as you go along the site. It just might make some difference somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Blog Disclaimers, Policies and Copyrights

  1. Great set of legalese. You should market it. We all need something like this. Or did you do some research before writing it all down?

  2. The general idea is pure common sense. The rest of it is just making sure there aren’t any loopholes in it. Take a look around, some other blogs have disclaimers and policies as well. It’ll give you the rough outline.

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