9rules 24 Hour Submission Starts Today

There we have it, I’d just like remind all you fine folks of the blogging world that the first of the three submission dates for the the 9rules blogging community starts today or specifically on May 7th, 0000 hours Eastern Standard Time. For those of us on this far side of the world like Australia, it pretty much starts at 2 in the afternoon and runs all the way until the same time next day.

That’s just as well though, because it’s been a long time coming since 9rules has opened it’s doors to the public this way. I for one look forward to the excellent reads from blogs that manage to join this elite community of bloggers all focused on one thing, the passion for what they write.

Since this is pretty much a blink-and-you-miss event, try not to blink and try not to miss it. The last time they had it, out of 1190 blogs that applied to join 9rules, only about less than 10% made it through to become members. That’s something to think about should you decide to join the community, being the best of the independent web. That being said, I look forward to reading your blog sometime in the near future.

Good luck.

Update: The submissions page is now up and running, not readily obvious but you can’t miss it.

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