9rules Community Network Round 8 Intake

In the light of Obama’s majority presidential elect, this would probably sound like such a small thing indeed. But as we would have it, the 9rules community network has opened its doors once again to the public for 24 hours only.

So don’t forget to nominate the best blogs you know (yes, you can nominate yourself if you want to).

9rules still holds its own, showcasing the best of the independent blogosphere. A place where quality blogs stand out from the many “me-too” blogs out there. A place where there are no bloggers, just passionate people, good at what they do, who just happen to have blogs.

Though this time, don’t just take my word for it, I would think it’s much better to just point you to the site and let you make up your own mind. Either way, if you think your blog is up to be counted as part of this unique community, then there isn’t any harm in submitting your blog and knowing where you stand.

It just might open a whole new world of blogging to you.

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