Au Revior Mon ChickyBabe

After 3 years of blogging, one of my favourite bloggers, ChickyBabe has decided to call it quits. Even if this expected in its finality, I can’t say I haven’t been taken aback by this.

To me, ChickyBabe’s words represented something that most blogs these days thoroughly lack. Behind those hauntingly deep words lay not just passion and emotion that often inspired me to speechlessness, behind her words were truth and sincerity. She wasn’t someone out to strike an impact in her readers in any way. She didn’t try and stand out. She didn’t shout boisterous words in order to for people to look her way. ChickyBabe was just an anonymous person, living a normal life and writing it down for all to see.

And that was what made her blog so great.

Throughout the years that I have read and taken part in her random musings, I have learnt a lot of what has become my own voice on my blog. It wasn’t enough that expressed myself without limitations. ChickyBabe taught and inspired me to simply tell a story, which at the end of it, turned out to be a hard lesson to learn.

Nevertheless, reading what she wrote, feeling the emotions that I can’t mirror in words. It drew comfort to know that it could be done. As long as you had your own voice, your own soul, the words that tell your story could be told in ways that beauty can’t describe. To me, she did that. In a bleak world of “me-too” blogs that want to stand out, her words hit something in me the first moment I read it and has always ever since then.

Of course, it isn’t without a little humour that I paid tribute to her writing. Often peppering her near-melodic prose, were random thoughts on her mind. Things that weren’t enough to actually write about but numerous and significant enough to warrant writing all of them at once. Thoughts that quickly became what I now call “Doing a ChickyBabe“, one I fondly name each post of its kind after. While I will miss reading and commenting on every one of her random thoughts, a part of her inspiration will live on in the ChickyBabe’s I’ll be doing…and that’s not without a certain double entendre to it.

There is just so much I can say about her that I think, at the end of it, it comes down to this. ChickyBabe was my favourite blogger. She is my inspiration that the mundane doesn’t always have to be as straightforward as you put it in. She is my mentor in moments where nothing is always what it seems. She is my eternal desire, a faceless attraction that beckons and tempts me in my dreams. Lastly but most importantly, she is a friend. One bound not by the presence of her self, but by the passion and emotions bound in her words.

I will miss her writing, only because she keeps her public work a secret. I will miss her words, only because she has her own road to travel upon. Most of all, I will miss her heart, only because I can no longer feel the part of herself she chose to share with the rest of the world.

Au revior mon ChickyBabe. May this never be a goodbye, just a short and meaningful farewell.

8 thoughts on “Au Revior Mon ChickyBabe

  1. It’s tough seeing a favorite blogger say Bye. 🙁 Though I wasn’t a follower, it’s always tough to see a quality blogosphere contributor leave. It makes the internet just a little bit more lonelier.

  2. Curryegg: Rather, she found herself. There is more to life than blogging anyway. She just made blogging about her life and not her life about blogging. She figured, it was time to stop and she did.

    Esther: It always does. I don’t know where I’ll get my poetic fix now.

  3. It’s always sad when a favourite blogger leaves. May you both find what you’re looking for 🙂

  4. My dearest Kami, thank you for this unforgettable and most unexpected tribute which seals our blogging friendship with beautiful sentiments. I find myself at a loss for words, as this has been quite an emotional end to my journey. So let me congratulate you on the 200,000 mark achievement. Keep the faith.

  5. Tine: I hope so too.

    ChickyBabe: Keeping the faith ChickyBabe. I know I could have done it much more eloquently the way it should be, I just can’t find the right words for it. You’re not the only one at a loss for words. 🙂 Thank you for being you and sharing it with us. That’s as much as I can express.

  6. THat’s sound true… It’s same like: Control things before they control you..
    I will keep this in mind.. 🙂

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