Bigots Are Their Own Worst Enemy

I’d like to apologise beforehand if any of this does not make sense to you. Even though this revolves around a localised tiff between two bloggers, I can assure you that there is a point to all of this so bear with me here.

The story starts like all stories of this sort with a controversial report, this time regarding how Malaysia deals with Muslims that openly choose a different belief other than their born-into religion. That of course triggered moral outrage from some Malaysians, and because of that, lead to the tiff between some Muslim fundamentalists and the same people that felt outraged by it. If the posts aren’t enough, the comments and their replies give you an idea how ridiculously immature this can be.

Now alot of us, myself included, have had our moral and ethical disagreements with Menj, mainly because of the way he openly declares his hatred for other beliefs except his own, which is outdone only by his hypocrisy and immaturity of his words. The thing is, until today I’ve pretty much chosen to stay out of all things like this because at the end of it, he’s not doing himself any favours.

Now comes the point of this entire story. The thing about bigotry is that at the end of it, no one is really going to take you seriously because there is no room for any other point. If the arguments are constantly tempered by name calling and self-inflating ego, chances are, whatever real point you’re going to put out there would just be a joke to everyone that comes across it. The real deal with people like Menj is that if there ever were an enemy to Islam, this person would have single handedly convinced anyone willing to keep an open mind that prejudice and bigotry exists in this belief because of people like himself. There wouldn’t be any greater enemy to the belief than the people who believe it the way he does. No one else would have to lift a finger.

Personally, the only thing I do take note of is the the fact that he does own several websites which are basically ad-centric money making blogs. One of the posts on one of his blogs basically summarizes the point which I’ve been making all along regarding just how silly this has become and why none of us real people would take him seriously.

Funny to think that lousy fourth-class, low-rated Blogspot bloggers believe that they can shake a PR5 blogger. They are pygmies trying to fell down a giant. If the bitch tries again, I will launch a massive assault on her and her ideology on all of my blogs. That will shut the bitch up. Permanently.

I don’t know how anyone relates Google’s Page Rank system to their influence but hey by that logic and Google’s Page Rank system, I’m a PR6 blogger and I guess that makes whatever I say right here and now much more influential right? Nope, it doesn’t make sense either. All jokes aside, with that being said, there is no way I can take him seriously after that. After growing up and out along side people in the blogosphere, some MySpace bloggers have more maturity than what was said that sentence.

But bigotry has no boundaries. It has no limits and ironically no bias. All it needs is one stubborn belief and a very proud person to turn something beautiful into something so ugly. Bigots are their own worst enemy and it’s not really hard to see why that is so true on so many levels.

8 thoughts on “Bigots Are Their Own Worst Enemy

  1. I was wondering if he was ever going to notice that.

    Ah well. Worse thing anyone can do to him is to ignore him.

  2. Hold on, let me get this straight.

    He thinks that because he has what, 4/5 useless blogs that revolve around generally the same thing that he is now better than everyone else?

    I guess the whole “everyone is equal in the eyes of God” is moot in his case then. What a hypocrite.

    Bigots are just that, bigots.

    He will cry foul when someone criticises Islam but it’s okay for him to slander another religion.

    If he doesn’t see the irony in it, then I guess he’s just another waste of space!

  3. Ok….what the hell? Who does he think he is? God?

    see…some of my problem and you will agree I just do not understand Malaysian culture nor Muslim beliefs…Im just a christian with little to no idea on the rest.

    However! What he said really pissed me off…again…and I know i have asked this so many time…where is the freedom of speech? The freedom to think what one wants? The freedom to have opinions…

    Edrei…I thank god every day you are the person you are…at least with you around I can have my veiws and opinions even if you do not agree with them half of the time…

    Love ya heaps

  4. Aish. I had to really step away from the computer to prevent commenting on one of his blogs.

    The blogosphere is big enough to ignore him. No worries.

    PS: Will he call you a kaafir now? :S Ignore ignore ignore.

  5. Pat: At this point, you can probably say that he doesn’t realize it one bit.

    Boinq: That’s what bigotry is. It creates hypocrisy in everything and he’s got a pretty funny way of handling everything…with all his sites at once.

    Tracy: Thank you. 🙂 The freedom of speech also means the responsibility of speech. In his words, it means only he deserves that freedom and no one else does too.

    Eli: I think he probably does. Though he’s been surprisingly quiet about it. The irony is he’s only condemned me once, in which I retorted back and he never got back to me again for it. Maybe he thinks that my blog’s not worth bothering about. Scary thing is, he actually should bother about this blog, especially with the international rep going around here.

  6. I had absolutely no clue what he was going on about with the PR5 thing. In any case, he has a bad habit of conveniently ignoring intelligent, thought-out counterarguments to his posts and finding something else in your statements to attack.

    It’s exhausting just to think of the potential back-and-forth that might come out of that.

  7. Can’t help it. With the reward from God such as heaven and 72 virgins, he will do that to impress God.

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