Blog Evolution: Write Then Right Now

Blogging is about writing. Well that’s not technically true. When you come to think about it, the whole idea of updating a “log” frequently has now expanded to photos, voice recordings and videos…so it isn’t necessarily about writing. But that isn’t the point and I think I digressed in the first 20 seconds in which I blogged.

That ought to be a record.

Let me start off again, the heart and soul of what blogging started off with is about writing. We write for all the reasons what is of our own. Whether to inform, to express or even just to socialise, the heart and soul of blogging will always begin from the words we put down.

It’s been interesting to read all my past posts right from the beginning and just look at the way my writing style has changed over the years. It’s not just about the memories that I hold in those posts, but about the things I learnt as I kept writing over and over again. Which incidentally brings me to the point of all this, which is the things I learnt about writing blogs over the years I have been…well…blogging.

  1. If you’re writing something deeply personal that involves other people, make it vague and cryptic. You wouldn’t want to lose friends and family.
  2. Always do your research before you actually write something down. Nothing worse than being outspoken about something you know little about.
  3. Blog like you talk in real life. Your not writing an exam essay, you’re writing down who you are.
  4. Don’t write in long paragraphs. People have notoriously short attention spans about other people’s personal life.

Yeah…as you can probably see, I really didn’t learn much over the years, aside from the few grammar and spelling errors here and there and at least nothing really significant…that is until recently when I came up with the idea to start working on the way I have been blogging. I’ve really got to keep these in mind.

  1. Don’t keep monologing.
  2. Don’t overuse your one liners.
  3. See 1 and 2.
  4. Repeat until you actually follow it.

Yeah, I really didn’t know I was monologing. Seriously, I didn’t. Heck until then, I didn’t know what monologing was. Heck even now, I’m still unclear of how exactly my monologing looks like even though people pointed out to be that I monologue. The only thing I know is, that’s pretty much the thing that’s keeping the audiences that I like from repeatedly visiting. Not a good thing indeed.

I’m not saying that it’s an easy thing to do though to change the way you have been habitually writing, then again…this is a project where I’m supposed to consciously change the way I blog. So there we have it. I resolve to try and not monologue for as long as I keep blogging. Let’s just hope it sticks in the first place.

Enough said…though I do have one last question to ask.

Did I monologue in this post?

4 thoughts on “Blog Evolution: Write Then Right Now

  1. In the beginning maybe, but then when you think about it, there is an aweful lot of blogs out there that monologue. Being a worthwhile read would mean you stop being stangnant and started writing better.

  2. You haven’t explained it. I thought monologuing would be something like asking questions and answering them yourself in the same post. Like talking to yourself, isn’t that it? Still don’t get what’s so bad.

  3. It depends on what you’re looking for in a blog. If you blog without an audience in mind then yeah, you can monologue all you want because no one can join in on the conversation. It’s just dramatic post that goes on and on. If you would prefer that people comment which in this case I do, monologing is very bad because the dramatic speeches just kill any form of interaction with your readers which unless you write really well lessens the chances that they will be regular readers.

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