Blogging Nemesis 101

I was reading this post on blogging nemeses (which is plural for nemesis) and realised that throughout all the time I have been blogging, I don’t think I have ever made an enemy out of blogging. I don’t think I have an alter ego blog out there that doubles as the Lex Luthor to my Superman.

I mean, I have been reading a lot of shit lately that passes off as blogs and as much as it gives me the urge to continuously hit my head against the side of the wall, I hardly think that these people are my nemeses. No. They are just a testiment to the amount of catatonic stupidity that can amass from the hoards of people clammering on to the net in the realization that they can say anything they damn well please.

No. For me at least, I do follow the rule that says if I have nothing better to say, don’t say it and just never visit that steaming pile of shit for posts ever again…unless I have nothing better to do. For me, a nemesis has to be someone I know personally. Someone that I will always have that eternal bond which I cannot escape from. You know, comic fans can relate with me on this. There are a few criterias that need to be followed to have a truly worthy nemesis:

  1. Must be good friends somewhere along the line.
  2. Must know each other’s terrible weakness.
  3. Must have the love for one person.
  4. Must be eternally locked in a balance between good and evil.

At least I think that’s the criteria anyway. The point really is, that as much as a lot of blogs annoy the hell out of me. Nah…I have never taken anyone of them as a personal enemy. Maybe I am that nice of a person. Maybe I am Clark Kent without the red undewear and cape. I don’t know. What I do know is what I say from all this is this:

Hate the blog, don’t hate the blogger

Yes, how perfectly zen of me to say so. But do we really have to come to a point where we make nemeses? There is enough shit in the world as it is, so why do we have to make some things personal when there is no need to?

Though on the subject of it, while I may not have specific bloggers that I declare as blood enemies. I do however have my own “enemy of the blogs” list. That is the people that has done the most to harm the cause of the blogging especially of late.

Edrei’s Enemy Of The Blogs List:

  1. Spammers
  2. Fundamentalist
  3. Racists
  4. Wannabe copycats that are or bordering on being photocopy machines.
  5. Ill mannered, partially educated, idealistic people with too much free time on their hands and think whatever they say or do for people and other blogs is for the better.
  6. Anonymous trolls that have whatver criteria I have mentioned above.

Of course, you realise that this is a big world and there are just so many characters like this that are out to play their part. I just really really don’t like this part they are playing and if I have my way, I’d shove all of them into a great big furnace, light the fire and solve an energy crisis. But unfortunately, I can’t. All I have is a list and a wall to bang my head on till I fall into a coma or resemble a very drunk person. So sad.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Nemesis 101

  1. dunno lah, i guess some people will identify the blog with the blogger; i mean after all, if a blog’s not something personal but just a facade we present to people so they’ll have certain thoughts about us, then such people have really horrible mental issues (hiaks!)…

  2. All blogs are personal. Then again, would you hold it against a person for something they said without tact? Yeah…there are people out there that say exactly what they mean…but…yeah…I guess in that sense I’m too soft for it. 🙂

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