Brush Up Your Blogs Cause 9rules Is Back

After almost an eternity, 9rules, a name synonymous with aggregating quality blogs from around the net is returning to its roots with its upcoming relaunch and 24 hour only site submission.

The launch scheduled for April 30th is set to bring 9rules back to what it once was with its member focused content aggregation. Prior to this, 9rules opened its doors for readers to participate in its site under its part blog, part forum-like notes. With that came the new member agreement which required its members to actively participate in its community as well. This move prompted backlash and an exodus from many older members who felt that 9rules no longer reflected the quality that it once was.

Nevertheless, 9rules still focused on trying to provide quality content for its readers. While its community driven incarnation may have been a proving ground for an extremely good idea, what defined 9rules in the beginning is making its way back and personally I look forward to its return.

For a long time, what brought 9rules together was the purpose that every one of its members wanted in their blog. A singular focus not on the blogging itself, but on what they are blogging about. It may have been about technology. it may have been about food. It may have been about photography. It may have even been about our personal lives. Yet in that vast range of topics came the common denominator that united every 9rules member.

The passion of our own expression.

That’s what I feel has been been severely lacking in blogs today. It’s become nothing more than something you have because all your friends have it. It’s becoming a mockery of individual ideals for the sake of commercialized glory. Why bother with personal expression you hear everyone else seems to be making something off it? That innocence at least has been lost in the world of blogging.

So with 9rules following up with what makes it good, it gives a big reason to start reading blogs again. Every once in a while we do need to take a breath of fresh air and see what the rest of the world is made off. Which means that this is your chance at least to see if you’ve got the right stuff as a blogger. A blogger with the passion for what they write, no matter what it is about.

The first of three submissions this year starts on May 7th 2008. To the blogs that I read and love, I look forward to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Brush Up Your Blogs Cause 9rules Is Back

  1. I wished I had time to be actively involved in 9rules like I used to, but I don’t think that is possible at the moment. But I’m glad you keep people like me updated. Thanks, Ed 😀

  2. You don’t really have to participate in 9rules to enjoy it. Some days at least, I just read what they have to offer like an aggregate of unique content.

    That being said at least, the 9rules notes and clips are going to be moved to a completely different site altogether. That way, what’s left truly focuses on the user content.

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