Chickybabe For That Blogging Thing

Actually I was going to name it “that ChickyBabe thing”, but then again, I don’t want to wear out the name as fine and cute as ChickyBabe.

  1. I like to remind everyone that the term “Doing a Chickybabe” means to write a random thought post in this manner and was coined after everybody’s favourite anonymous personal blogger ChickyBabe who does this on a regular basis.
  2. It’s finally my turn to be introduced by 9rules as one of their members. That being said, I don’t have to look like one of those poser type people who are cool by association. This way, I can claim that I am (or rather this blog is) actually cool.
  3. Still on 9rules, I wonder where Tyme got that quote from for my blog’s introduction. I’ve written so much things in that moment, that it’s easy for me to forget what I was actually blogging about, much less find out where it came from.
  4. Quality isn’t determined by asking people to prance around trying to attract attention for the sake of prizes at the end of the run. Quality is about doing what you do best because you love doing what you do. It’s a good idea when you want to get people interested in something new, but it isn’t a good idea when you want people to showcase something they can be proud of along for the whole world to see.
  5. Finally, the reason why I wanted to call this “that ChickyBabe thing”. Although days late for Blog Appreciation Day, ChickyBabe kindly reminded me what she thinks of my blog with this picture:

    For that reason, I repayed the favour, after all, what are friends for?

Don’t forget to remind your favourite blogger how much you appreciate their blog. After all, putting up our thoughts out here for all to read is more than just an act of bravery. At the end of it, it’s an endurance sport. Happy Belated Blog Appreciation Day to all.

5 thoughts on “Chickybabe For That Blogging Thing

  1. I got the quote from the bottom of your about page. 🙂 If only I could say something like that every time I’m asked, “Soooo…tell me a little bit about yourself…”

  2. Oh that’s right…I completely forgot where that came from. Must have overlooked that somehow. I’m sure you’ve got your own ways of replying which no doubt as eloquent as you are is far better than the vague answers I give. 🙂

  3. That’s a Chickybabe thing? I used that on my UWP blog when I didn’t want to write long passages and I just called them “… in numerical format”.

  4. That’s what I call a ChickyBabe thing cause she does it so well and I think no one else pulls it off quite like she does…much like I call Lainie’s extremely long “noodle posts” that Lainie thing. It’s what I recognize them best for.

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