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My first post as a guest blogger on “Lorelle on WordPress” has drawn far more attention than I thought it would. One could even say that it has invoked a lot of responses from people both in comments and in my mailbox. That’s more than I normally would experience coming from a single post.

In a way, I’m glad that there are people out there that have not forgotten the art of personal blogging, let alone agree that personal blogs can be as interesting to read as some niche driven blogs are as fascinating as watching paint dry. On the other hand, having Lorelle herself tell me that I’ve started with a bang here lays the foundation on the fear that I can’t outdo myself in the long run.

It’s one thing to write something that you believe in. It’s another to write something just as well without forcing yourself too hard. I’ve never really had this much appreciation for things that I’ve written before, it’s not hard to see why I feel pressured by it. But to be looked on as the ambassador for personal blogging. That is very scary. Not to mention exciting enough that I can’t stop grinning.

I suppose it can’t be helped. If people think I’m good enough to read, then I should return the favour and write them something good. I don’t claim to be the best and if anything, there is still plenty for me to learn. So despite the pressure of giving something good, I think I should forget about outdoing myself and just work on keep up what I have planned on blogging as a guest blogger. I’ve always wanted people to know that personal blogs still exist and we can throw some weight around. Now I have the chance to do just that and I’m glad people are listening.

So if you’re on and about and reading this, for the next two months Lorelle on WordPress will be celebrating its 2 year anniversary in conjunction with’s second birthday. For that, Lorelle’s got guest bloggers lined up to blog about blogging and WordPress tips for the next two months. I’m honoured to be one of them.

So look out for me there and check out what everyone else has got to write.

12 thoughts on “Guest Blogging With Lorelle On WordPress

  1. Hi Ed, now I understand the difference between personal and commentary blog 🙂 Simply put, the difference lies in whether “your content comes from within, or without”.. That’s easy to remember, thanks 🙂

  2. I thought your post sounded familiar, but I have to admit, that was what blogs started as, and hopefully that’s what they’ll remain.

  3. In view of my lack of knowledge in the WP arena, I ought to check out Lorelle on WP. 🙂

    Sigh, I’m still having WP problem. It gets worse when one gets ambitious and tries to use different WP themes on different blogs.

    It’s a great relieve hearing from you personal blogs are still alive and going strong. lol

  4. Okay, just wanted to tell you that I’m happy your post went in so well. If anyone could be an ambassador for personal blogging, it should be you.

  5. I’m gonna repeat what i said over at Khaled’s site. “Personal” blogging is the only blogging there is. Those other sites may look like and act like blogs, but they’re not.

  6. Pelf: Yup. Glad you found the answer in my comments.

    Pat: You can’t stop progress. Blogs have the power to disseminate information. People will find a way to make use of that and they already have.

    Helen: Then you should definitely read Lorelle’s blog. It’s a gold mine of information. Or you can email me and I can personally help you out as well. 🙂

    Nils: Haha, there are a lot of people out there that turn personal blogging into an art form. I’m still a young pup.

    Vidar: You can’t really say that. While all blogs have a personal touch to it because it’s written from a person’s personal point of view. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about their life which is what personal blogging is all about.

  7. You did start with a bang. It’s all downhill now. 😀

    The first one is always the hardest. And the topic of personal blogging has gotten such a bad slam for too long. It is still a critical part of our culture, allowing people to express themselves in a form that is comfortable and safe.

    I also tell many that while a lot of personal blogs are a bunch of nattering babblers, a thousand years from now or more, archaeologists will be pouring through the remains of our digital storage looking for clues on how we lived like we did, why, and how our lives were different “back then” from today. They will not be interested in the blogs of businesses, of experts who claim they are the next Gore Vidal or Asimov. They will only be interested in the reports of the day-to-day folks in their day-to-day life.

    Blogs are the Dead Sea Scrolls of the future. We need to treat them with respect, though I’d love to see a lot less blather – but luckily, Edrei, you are not a blatherer. I love how you write and the subjects you choose to write about – and most of all, how far you have come along the writing path.

    Thank you!

  8. It’s not going downhill yet. Not for as long a I don’t let the pressure get to my writing. 🙂

    I don’t know about personal blogs getting the bad rep. I was under the impression that personal blogs get almost no rep at all.

    I like how you equate personal blogging to the Dead Sea Scrolls. I don’t know about that, but I find it funny how future archaeologists would be going through my posts wondering what was going through my mind at the moment. That’ll be a hard one since most people I know today don’t know what’s going through my head. Imagine a few thousand years from now.

    They’d be stuck in a bundle. 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Kami. 🙂 Very awesome. Very, very awesome–in essence you are my ambassador. That wasn’t for added pressure, just added truth.

  10. whoa, ur blog looks very nice. how did u get all these nice plugins …like the top post thing.
    u’re php expert? hehe

    anyway, congratz on the guest blogger thing. 😀 sounds pretty cool

  11. The first thing about WordPress is that you have to know that you want for your blog. There are plenty of people out there that will design plugins for certain needs. It’s easy to find them. I’ll blog about that later when we talk about WordPress related tips. 🙂

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