How To Be A Real Malaysian Blogger

Over a year ago, I was in a good mood and given the state that everyone started coming up with lists of being better bloggers, I decided to write my own set of rules on how you could be a great Malaysian blogger. Of course though, things do change over time and given that we have come up with a lot of weird and wacky things to add to our blogs, the old list, sadly must be retired.

Nevertheless, it is not without a certain sense of generous pride, good humour and a dash of insanity that I unveil the new list on how you can be not just a good Malaysian blogger, but a real one to boot.

Edrei’s Updated Rules For Real Malaysian Blogging:

  1. Ad-centric:
    If it doesn’t have ads, you’re not in the game baby. It doesn’t matter that there are more ads on your blog than the content itself. What matters is the money you’ll be raking in as a result of machine gunning your blog with those money making images and links. In fact, blind people with the ads. Make it the only thing they’ll see. After all, they can’t click on it if all they see are the words you write right? The best thing about it is, you don’t have to apologise for running ads on your blog.
  2. Be a Pro(stitute)-Blogger:
    Oh no, is that a dirty word? Not anymore. If you love money as much as the next person and would be willing to use the eternal reason that you need to pay for both your webhost and your domain names. By all means, sell your words. Refresh that page every 10 seconds to get those reviews that earn you money. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about it. It doesn’t matter if you lose your credibility over it. It matters that you ditch your integrity for to keep blogging. After all, working 9-5 everyday for someone else is a pain. You might as well work 16-20 hours a day and be your own boss. That’s got to be worth having no company health plans and work insurance.
  3. Be an Armchair Politician:
    Have a strong opinion about the local government? Never served in politics before? Then your commentary on the things at hand are well worth blogging about. If you can’t steer the nation from actually getting out there and doing something about it. You might as well speak for the people from the comforts of your own home. Forget about everything else, you’re actually doing something good for a change…and you don’t even have to pretend you know anything.
  4. Re-Blog Re-Blog Re-blog:
    After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and in Malaysia we love to flatter people. It isn’t that other people have blogged about it before, it’s the fact YOU haven’t blogged about it yet. People want to hear the same things over and over again to drill it into their heads. You don’t really have to go to the source to blog about it. Someone’s got to have said something before, so ll you need to do is look them up. Don’t forget to forget to cite them too. It makes you look as it you found it out first and your commentary is actually worth the page load.
  5. Rank Me Ass Eee Ohh
    No longer just a random string of words that only net-techies know about. SEO and rankings are one of the most important factors that every real Malaysian blogger should strive for. Why? Because it directly relates to how much of yourself you can sell online. The better your rank, the more you can earn from it. Not a bad trade off. The additional bonus here is that you can also blog about all these things as re-blogs. As long as people believe that it hasn’t already been blogged about before, the keywords you machine gun your blog with has got to earn more than it’s fair share of referrals from search engines. After all, everyone’s looking for a way to make a quick buck. Why shouldn’t to take advantage of that. It’s not personal, it’s just good business.
  6. Support Local. Imitate Outsiders:
    The epitome of Malaysian blogging. You can’t be be anything else but a Malaysian blogger unless you associate yourself with just…Malaysian bloggers. In fact, just for the sake of making things simple you can pretend that the world only consists of Malaysia and other Malaysians living in other places. But wait, there is a catch. When someone from those other places that aren’t Malaysians come up with something good that affects your blog, it opens the door to the possibility that there is an outside world. Don’t worry. The fast you copy it, the faster you can go back to supporting the home team. After all, who can understand our own lingo but us. Ain’t Malaysia great?

There we have it. It’s slightly shorter than my last list though but it gets to the point. We need pointers and reminders every now and again to tell us just how good we are when it comes to blogging. Nevermind the controversies, nevermind the altruism, what matters is that at the end of it, you’re a real Malaysian blogger. You stand up there as a shining example to newer Malaysian bloggers out there who seek to emulate what you made blogging all about.

But that’s us. We’ve set our own standards and we strive proudly for it. For sure it’s something we can call our own. Something no one else can copy. We’re proud Malaysians alright and that makes us real Malaysian bloggers.

10 thoughts on “How To Be A Real Malaysian Blogger

  1. Spot on, mate. Can’t word it better myself. It used to be “omg this politician is so like this, omg that politician is so like that, omg we have to fight for our rights, etc etc etc”. And now it’s “eh, link me, I’ll link you, SEO this, SEO that, make money by reviewing me, reviewing you, etc etc etc”. Originality has gone down the drain.


    Does that mean I fail as a Malaysian blogger by NOT putting Google adsense on my blog? TT_TT

  3. Tine: That’s mainstream for you. The more people look for it, the more chances it’ll crop up everywhere. It’s hard to put a foot down on who started it. All that’s left in it’s wake is everyone else that wants to cash in on the same thing.

    Pat: Not a real Malaysian blogger!! Haha. Then again, I never did say that it was a bad thing not to be one right?

    Pablopabla, Lillian: That’s right. The only place for Malaysian bloggers to connect amongst themselves. Anywhere else doesn’t exist because it can’t work for them. 🙂

  4. and don’t forget to use the “lah” word. coz “lah” word is using by Malaysian only!
    come on lah!… you know what I mean….. wakakaka

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