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I Warned You All And No One Listened

"I for one don't want to wait for bad tidings to come beforehand…so in the mean time, I do what I have to do to protect myself, and I suggest, every single one of us does the same thing too."

It seemed like so long ago when I wrote about how bloggers needed a way to put down their rights in black and white. It's too long since I've written about how freedom of speech needs to be protected so that we aren't suddenly caught in some legal quagmire. I've brought topics after topics up before, 2 years prior to any Malaysian ever dreamed that their government would come knocking on their door waving anti-sedition laws against them. I brought this up before and no one really gave a damn.

Now I'm going to take time to laugh at all of you and say I told you so.

Of course, this is not without saying that Malaysians are a bunch of people who accept everything and believe nothing. The ability for people to quickly accept and adopt whatever they face while not stepping up for what they claim to say is, somehow inherent in the majority of its citizens. Given how easy people believe that hiding behind the computer screen constitutes anonymity, I'm not surprised about the current trends in the Malaysian blogosphere.

Still, given what it has become, I'm still compelled to sit back and watch everyone herd their way to whatever future they create. Every once in a while though, I'll be nice enough to yell:


Whether or not people will will take heed this time is pretty much up to them. I would have already spoken my peace and will leave it as that. If people are still more hyped up about how they can make money off their blogs or how the legal system is turning against them when they did nothing to protect themselves in the beginning, that would be their pasture to graze on.

I'll put in good money that no one is still going to listen, more so since I pretty much said what I have to say about Malaysian bloggers. Then again, I'm beginning to appreciate the things people get themselves in because they never listen. Come to think of it, I've been very appreciative of what's been happening lately.


  • August 15, 2007 - 12:54 | Permalink

    Hear you, hear you. :-)

  • Tracey
    August 15, 2007 - 13:53 | Permalink

    I am just going to believe you…I do not know anything about malaysian politics. It is not like here.

  • August 16, 2007 - 13:52 | Permalink

    Helen: I’m sure you do.

    Tracy: I’ll tell you one fine day. :)

  • August 18, 2007 - 15:16 | Permalink

    I never read any of those post you wrote, though. Pardon me. I used to live in a hole.

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  • August 21, 2007 - 16:45 | Permalink

    aaa..mr kamigoroshi…ermm..i’m really new here..this is my first time reading a blog….(sori i’m not gud in english and i’m really try to improve.)
    what are this means??—->
    I wrote about how bloggers needed a way to put down their rights in black and white. It’s too long since I’ve written about how freedom of speech needs to be protected so that we aren’t suddenly caught in some legal quagmire.

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