Malaysian Blog Survey

If you’re Malaysian, read Malaysian blogs or live in Malaysia, there is a Malaysian Blog Survey conducted as part of a research project entitled “Is Blogging An Effective Tool For Democratizing Malaysia?”. If you could spare about 5-10 minutes of your time to fill out the survey, the researcher would appreciate it a lot. It’s a interesting topic to dwell on anyway. If anything, it’s a nice little topic to blog about later on.

For more information, you can head over here and read more about it.

To fill out the survey you can head over here and start answering the questions.

So why not? 10 minutes of your time. What’s another survey anyway?

2 thoughts on “Malaysian Blog Survey

  1. 10 minutes to participate in a blog survey is not a big sacrifice but I would want to know the objective of the survey and what the data will be used for.

  2. Well the link is right there. I can’t answer for the researcher herself, but her contact is right there along with her blog explaining what it is all about. I hope that sheds some light about it. 🙂

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