Malaysian Blogger No More

It’s hard to find a compliment for your hobbies these days, but when you think you found them, there is always a catch-22.

“It’s hard to find personal blogs anymore apart from you, then again you’re not really a Malaysian blog anymore either.”

“I’m not what?”

“You’re not really a Malaysian blog.”


“Because you’ve write things most Malaysians just can’t relate to anymore. You’ve gone international.”

“You have no idea how much of a compliment that is.”

“Not really, that means I’m probably the only Malaysian personal blogger still treading on. Haha.”

If anything, I see absolutely no difference with what was written now compared to what was written then. I have been writing like how I would always write regardless of where I’m from. That doesn’t make me part of any nationality or denomination. That just makes me uniquely…me. Breaking out of the constraints of your own stereotype. Now that’s a compliment I would definitely like to receive.

10 thoughts on “Malaysian Blogger No More

  1. does it matter? besides, what makes a “Malaysian blog” anyway? blogging about Malaysia? sounds to me the person u were talking to just wants to be the only M’sian personal blogger ard. tsk.

  2. lol! I can relate to this but not for the same reasons.
    A fellow blogger set a get together with other mauritian bloggers. We met and introduced ourselves. As soon as they saw me they started whispering. They could see I wasn’t mauritian but what was i doing there? Well, am a blogger and live here. What do you blog about? My life back home. Where is home? Well, its the countries where I’ve lived. Yes, but where is you home? I don’t really call anywhere home. My parents are from two different countries where I’d gone only for holidays. Oh, you’re international then?! Right!


  3. Ivette: I like me of any kind. Talk about narcissism. 🙂

    Midnite Lily: Things that Malaysians can relate to I guess from that perspective. You would be surprised to know who actually said that. 🙂

    Fitena: Hey hey, Welcome from ChickyBabe’s blog. 🙂 Yeah, there comes a point where borders just don’t cut it anymore. Where you start being you and not necessarily define yourself from where you came from, but the places you’ve been. We just never notice being any different now don’t we?

  4. well, if it is who i think it is (after u’ve replied), she(?) might not have been surfing around the blogsphere much then eh? ^_~ i still read quite a few msian personal blogs.

  5. i wasn’t trying to be perasan ah =P just that i read lots of other msian personal blogs too, i don’t think they’re just down to a handful. they’re just merely being swamped by the topical ones cropping up like mushrooms these days. plus i don’t think personal bloggers ping PPS much anymore.

  6. Haha, didn’t think you were. But then you do have a point. There are more Malaysian personal blogs out there that aren’t just on the PPS aggregator. It’s hard to find them amidst all the other blogs. I just wish there was an aggregator just for localised personal blogs. That would make things quite easy.

  7. This is very interesting… who is to say that just because a blogger says they come from a country that they are a true native?

  8. Its up to anybody to say anything on his/her blog, any claims on nativity or locality do not matter in this world witout boundary. The most important thing is honesty.

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