More Malaysians In The 9rules Round 6 Intake

The results are out. Over 55 new blogs have been chosen to join the elite 9rules blog community. Coupled with the few that were accepted during to the 9rules Volume 3 relaunch, on a whole that brings the total number of Malaysian bloggers on the community to a grand total of 6, with one I discovered, dropping out earlier. The blogs so far are:

  2. EducateDeviate
  3. Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food
  5. Novelr
  6. And me of course

I know that looks like a little, but when you stop and consider that 9rules is a community that only chooses the best out of the independent blogs out there. Being accepted into the fold is a big leap (carrying big responsibility). It does show that for the most part, these bloggers have grown out from more than just a local flavour. It’s a big world out there after all and this is a chance to show it just how good you are.

Regardless, I’m actually curious to see how this affects the bloggers and their blogs in general. I know it really doesn’t matter one way or another because some of them already have a HUGE reader base to begin with, but I wonder if this will eventually shift the focus away from their local scene and readership.

When I became part of 9rules back in early 2006, I didn’t really care one way or another because on a whole, I always felt out of place from the Malaysian blog community. I felt more at home with people outside my country than I did in it. Instead I thought myself more in tune with what goes on in the rest of the world and with it came the way I presented myself on this blog to that world. Seeing whether it makes any difference to them or not, is enough to pique my interest.

Then again, this all might just be the idle musings of a guy who thinks too much. I wouldn’t put much stock into the idea unless you are part of a close knit blogging world that suddenly opened up to a wider audience.

Having said that, I want to congratulate all the blogs and not just the Malaysian blogs out there that got accepted into 9rules. Being part of this community means there is a certain standard to maintain, but I trust having gone this far that you at least share what every 9ruler has amongst ourselves – the passion to do what we do best.

Guess that’s why we’re the best of independent web.

18 thoughts on “More Malaysians In The 9rules Round 6 Intake

  1. Though I sent in my application, I didn’t even have the slightest thought that I could make it with so many good food blogs out there. Now, I will just savour it 😀

  2. Actually, I think that number’s quite high. Belgium has a pop. of about 10 million and I’m the only 9r from over here. Except for the UK, the whole of Western Europe seems a bit under-represented there. So, whether you feel connected to your local blogging scene or not, that kinda shows the high quality you got going there. Good, no?

  3. Pablopabla: Savour it. Haha. Worth it’s weight in comments seeing that its your food blog that’s been accepted. 🙂

    Cléa: Hope it’s not on mine personally because I’ve been a member for a long long time.

    CypherHackz: Congratulations to you first. I’ve been a member for quite a while and I’ve already had my acceptance speeches. 🙂

    Nils: Malaysia has a total population of about 25 million people. I guess you’re right by saying 6 people out of that many is a high number. Plus, Asia isn’t really represented as a whole as well. But there are a remarked amount of bloggers in Malaysia as well, so there HAS to be some good people. Just that the ratio of good blogs vs actual blogs is quite low. I guess that can be said for 9rules against the rest of the world.

  4. There’s 7 🙂 I’m from Malaysia too. Nice to know fellow Malaysian accepted into the community,

    Any word of wisdom for new members?

  5. Pablopabla: Well we’ll see what sweets you can bring in later on. 🙂

    MYblog: Thank you.

    Banji: Well there you have it. I can’t believe I missed you out. We’ll fix that then. Word of wisdom? Well, 9rules is a community so as far as communities go, it’s always good to interact with one another. There are a lot of fringe benefits if everyone watches one another. That being said, for the time being, most of the 9rulers hang out at the notes section of Chawlk which is an offshoot of the old 9rules. It’s a worthwhile to start there.

  6. Brilliant post, Edrei. I’m sending you points over in Chawlk, to show my gratitude. Really good to see that the list of Malaysian bloggers in 9rules has grown. =)

  7. What is this 9rules all about?
    I can’t seem to find an “about” page in the main 9page site also.
    Now i’m curious about this 9rules site.

  8. 3POINT8: 9rules is a blog community that delivers the select chosen who are considered of high quality. To a normal reader, think “blog aggregation, but with good blogs”

    Members are chosen based on the quality of what they write and membership application happens only a couple of times a year. Because of the wide range of members, the community offers a lot of perks for people who are in it, from web design help to even discounted web hosting. Even better are the people who make up 9rules because of the quality that each member is chosen by, the company in it is always great.

    I’m surprised though that you couldn’t find the “About Page” since it’s right there on top of the site beside the header.

  9. Ahaha…oppss….I didn’t notice the blog button.
    I even went to the earliest blog post by them and try to figure out what the blog is all about. Hmm…guess I’ll take a read on 9rules over the weekend when I have the time

  10. Oh…i know why i didn’t notice the about link.
    I was lingering around “”
    i didn’t realize that there was a “”

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