My Flawless Engrish

I’m going to go out on the limb here, be narcissistic and say it. Asian Blog Review thinks my blog deserves a 10/10. Cool shit, of course I’m damn flattered. When someone tells you that your blog is worth the maximum value above all other blogs before you, that is something that will definitely pick your day up.

I like the fact that some people still can’t tell that the “blob” on my header is actually a penguin that has tipped over and fallen flat on his face. I like the fact that there are people who still find my sidebars as facinating as they are useful in preventing “navigation jam”. But the best part…the best part of that review was the fact of all things to be said…my english happens to be…flawless.

I like the sentiment and all, but no…I have to admit, the english that I put down is far from flawless. Depending on the day and the mood I’m in, you can find each and every post machine gunned with gramatical mistakes and typological errors. I should know better. I have friends who nitpick.

No I’m not dissing the reviewer for making a bad judgement. In fact, I think I understand what the person was trying to say. I mean, in comparison with blogs with english words that have suffered a bad accident and blogs with english words that would need you to check the dictionary every few seconds, I know I’m one of the few blogs out there that at least blogs with a sense of conversational flow. That at least has got to be refreshing for the reviewer whom I’m guessing sifted through a lot of blogs with an “interesting” grasp of the english language. Unless you know what you’re looking for…or you’re one of those people with a profession that needs a dictionary every few seconds, its easy to overlook the errors that I write.

But in all its seriousness (yes I am aware that is grammatically incorrect as well), the one thing said there was that even my mundane everyday life are made interesting by the way I write. Now that is something I’m paying attention to. I mean, if there was a master of turning mundane everyday things into a fine art, the first person that comes to mind would be Lainie. Me, I’m just a guy who randomly strings words together hoping that everyone can at least understand what I’m trying to say. Not exactly an art-form but hey…whatever works right?

Still, when someone says that your mundane everyday stuff have become interesting, it’s either someone is not right or something has been done right. At this point, let me at least believe that something has been done right…I need the mood picker-upper.

That being said, I will sit down here in the office and imagine that I’m dancing around the place while yelling “We’re number one” at the top my my lungs. It’s really going to be a productive day alright.

15 thoughts on “My Flawless Engrish

  1. You should capitalize the word English. 😛

    Your misuse of loose/lose always irritated me. Then there’s the A instead of I (definately) but I don’t see that around anymore.

  2. Lishun: Not cringing is very good.

    Albert: I type fast, it just passes me by…you should see what I try to correct.

    Pat: Cry tears of joy or the other one?

    Xypre: It’s a script. Though I’m changing that on a later date.

    Sashi: It’s an additional code that is not part of the theme. Things like this just come out of the box for me.

  3. cehwah…. perfect score, frawress engrish… what else do you have? smooth zit-less skin?? 😀

    i jealous sial. haha

  4. Sashi: Yup.

    Eyeris: Hah…that one must wait first. When hell freezes over and I go for a facial then can have smooth zit-less, baby-bottom-like skin. Then you can be jealous all you want. Haha.

  5. well i don’t agree that your english is flawless but i would say your english is very good. very good indeed. one of the few goog english blog writers out there!

    and now after reading the review, i began to realise how neat your blog is.

    oh btw, i didn’t know too what that ‘blob’ you have up there on the left corner is. i thought it is a butterfly. 🙂

  6. Lucia: So sad, not many people know what that blob is. Oh well…at least you know it now. I like things neat. Too bad its only online.

  7. when i first viewed your weblog I noticed directly that the blob on your header is actually a penguin.

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