Pre-4th Blog Anniversary Ideas

In two weeks I’ll be celebrating my 4 years of blogging. As some of you know, the stage has been set and done. It’s just that the events are yet to be decided. So this time, I’m asking you, my dear and faithful readers, to help chip in ideas of what sort of posts I should write for my 4th anniversary of blogging?

That being said, what do you want me to blog about? A story? A past? A collection of links? A collection of pictures? A KamiCast? Those that have been a part of Footsteps in the Mirror, this is your chance to see what you always wanted to see. For the rest of you that I know are lurking behind my feeds however, this is your chance to come out and say something and tell me you’re there. If I don’t get you to at least come out and suggest something, I don’t know what could get you to delurk.

The best idea goes into action on March the 20th, the anniversary of my first post. So what are you waiting for? Let me hear your thoughts and I’ll let you hear mine.

3 thoughts on “Pre-4th Blog Anniversary Ideas

  1. i know! do a video blog and split it into 2 parts: reminisence on ur 4 yrs blogging and video blog a typical day for u 🙂

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