Signs Of Blogging Addiction

I know there might be a few things like this floating around the net, but I swear to God…whatever I wrote here is 100% from my own head and while there might be similarities between whatever lists are out there and in here…such similarities are purely coincidental.

You know you’re addicted to blogging when:

  1. You dream about blogging something that happened in the same dream.
  2. You stay up until 5 in the morning trying to tweak not just your blog but other people blogs as well.
  3. The existing blogosphere niche knows more about your own life than the entire real world friends and family combined.
  4. You find a metablog and think its the greatest thing on earth to ping it several times a day.
  5. You buy a camera specifically for taking pictures for your blog
  6. You have 24 hour blogathons for absolutely no reason
  7. You have 48 hour blogathons for absolutely no reason.
  8. You join blogathons for charity and know you can pull off 48 posts in 24 hours because you’ve done something like that before.
  9. You constantly argue the benefits of Do-It-Yourself Blogging Solutions comparatively to Hosted Blogging Solutions because it’s “better”.
  10. You have gone on “hiatus” several times, one of which lasted no more than 48 hours.
  11. You buy a camera phone specifically to start a mo-blogging blog
  12. You actually know what mo-blogging means
  13. You actually know what podcasting is.
  14. You stop watching the news and reading newspapers because blogs have become your source of information.
  15. Blogs have become your source of pornographic or erotic entertainment.
  16. You blog about whether or not you should make important decisions such as what career you should take or proposing to your current girlfriend.
  17. You spend time in trying to find chatrooms for bloggers.
  18. You actually spend time in more than 1 chatroom for bloggers.
  19. You make a chatroom for bloggers.
  20. Your curse out loud when you have something interesting to say and there is no net connection in sight.
  21. You start twitching and break out in cold sweat when you haven’t been blogging for more than 24 hours.
  22. You start writing things down on paper on your free time and claim no satisfaction because no one can comment on what you wrote.
  23. You have actually weight the differences between WordPress and Movable Type on at least one occassion in your blogging life.
  24. You actually know what WordPress and Movable Type is.
  25. You have been a guest blog on other people’s blogs.
  26. You have the blogger’s life cycle.
  27. You write a list like this.
  28. You actually understand everything that has been written here.
  29. Your comments will be about more “Signs of Blogging Addictions”
  30. You have read this ridiculous list until this point.

Well there, I got it out of my head.

Enough said.

So there.

8 thoughts on “Signs Of Blogging Addiction

  1. Well done, Edrei!
    The last post I saw on this topic was written by a ‘prominent’ blogger from PPS. I was hard put to comment, given my greenhorn status, totally blur and had no sense of place in this fascinating place called blogosphere. But this one of yours is so illuminating, I actually can see myself in relation to the the whole bubbling, richoeting and expanding dynamics!
    I’m still in Stage 2 of the Lifecycle and I would really like to hang around here for as long as I can. I don’t really care if the stuff I blog makes me seem strange, odd or mad. Or boring, or whatever, against people’s general preconceptions of what makes a good or popular blog.
    I can honestly say that I am quite happy wth my extremely narrow (or niche, as I unabashedly prefer to think) readership. My blog gives me a place to safely percolate my thoughts/ideas I otherwise cannot, in real life situs. As well, ocassionally, it is also a place I can, as someone put it, ‘cavort’, not just in words, but roles as well. My ‘experiments have yielded some fresh and extremely useful perspectives I otherwise would not have found, and in so short time.
    Soapbox, listening post, playground… I’m nowhere near knowlegeable as a blogger, but I’m loving it, indeed.

  2. Jason: You and me both man.

    Percolator: We all grow and evolve the deeper we get into this world. Despite all our different reasons, at the end of it all, it comes down to one thing. We just can’t stop blogging. 🙂

    Mumsgather: What? Me? Help? Nooo….you don’t say. 🙂

  3. Maybe I don’t entirely fall under the addiction category although I admit there are a few points which I personally have or used to have addictions with. sigh.

  4. A short time ago, on a blog that discussed the topic of “blog addiction,” I read a comment by a female who stated that she hasn’t heard about any major side effects regarding blogging except that blogging takes a lot of your time.

    Until recently, I would have agreed with this comment. But then I began reading about “Internet addiction” and how serious this dependency can be. I started to better understand the seriousness of Internet addiction after reading the following statement made by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine: “The United States could be rife with Internet addicts as clinically ill as alcoholics.”

    Then I read a story that clearly illustrated how devastating online addictions can become. More specifically, in 2005, a 54-year-old male addict, unable to take a break from his online world, died from starvation. How was this possible you ask? Easy. For 7 weeks before his death, he posted comments on one forum after another every 30 seconds while refusing to eat anything.

    Since placing posts of forums is very similar to blogging, I am now a firm believer in the unhealthy and the destructive consequences of Internet and blogging addiction.


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