So Begins The Next Big Change…

It’s been about a year since I last meddled the my blog layout and with the release of WordPress 2.8, I figure it should be about time I redesigned this place a bit. Of course, the last time I did a major revamp of my blog layout, it did take me a couple of months that didn’t include anything important to do. That was the reason why the last redesign was only a general tweak of the colours and layout bugs rather than a complete “start-from-scratch” theme.

Now that I’m working however, the time restrictions are a little troublesome for my need to have the ideal layout. More so the research and the time I usually spend trying to figure out how to do things without help from anyone. A completely fresh new theme may be more trouble than it’s worth, especially for a blog who’s feeds sometimes exceeds the number of people who actually visit the site.

Of course, this blog has always been my personal canvas of words and art. Leaving it in a state of stagnant disrepair would take away the meaning behind why I keep doing this over and over again. After all, if I deny that perpetual need to make things better, I’d be denying myself and that’s not really that this blog is all about.

So I will find the time to build a new look. One way or another, everything is going to change. I’ll just have to figure out where to start.

3 thoughts on “So Begins The Next Big Change…

  1. Kenwooi: There is always room for improvement. After all, a personal blog at least should change to reflect the current state of the blogger. Otherwise it quickly loses its drive and meaning. You can’t remain stagnant forever.

  2. and you speak my mind, a blog needs a design to reflect the content and the blogger too. cant wait to see your new design

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