So, Hello

So Edrei has asked me to guest blog here whilst he’s away doing fun things elsewhere. Now I’ve recovered (slightly) from the panic attack this honor induced, perhaps I should introduce myself?

My name is Cas and I normally blog over at Bright Meadow, which funnily enough brings me to why Edrei asked me to guest blog for him in the first place. You see, thanks to a confluence of events which just irritates me too much to describe right now, I was locked out of that domain for over a week with no end in sight and (more to the point) no blogging outlet.

It really throws a girl, not being able to blog, I can tell you that!

Ed being the total gentleman that he is offered me a spot here till I got back on my feet and wrested my domain from the dread control of my hosting providers. Fortunately, slaying the double headed dragon of crap customer service and appalling security only took me a week, and am back where I belong, but someone still needs to give you things to read around here for the next two weeks. Like it or not, that person is me.

Heaven help us all!

Can I describe myself in a nutshell? If it is quite a large shell – a big walnut, or a coconut perhaps? – maybe. I do tend to waffle you see. Never been concise in my life! Other than that, I’m based in the sunny south of the UK and, when I’m not spending far too much time finding things to blog about, I am trying to work out how post-grad research into archaeological computing can be parlayed into a career in publishing. Perhaps not surprisingly this isn’t going so well, so by day I can be found working for local government, which isn’t as soul-destroying as you might think.

What do I write about at Bright Meadow? Well, that site is a focus for a rambling chat among friends, both new and old, and anything and everything we want to talk about. I try to keep the tone up-beat, self deprecating, gleefully irreverent, and blonde in a left-handed kind of way, with a healthy dollup of British sarcasm. If on occasion I make even one person stop, think, and look at something differently, then I am happy. If I’ve made people laugh, well, that’s even better.

So, what am I going to be writing here at Footsteps in the Mirror?

I’m not rightly sure. That’s the problem of being a personal/commentary blogger. You never can be sure what we’ll write, other than that it will be personal and commenting on something. But I do know that whatever I write, it will be up-beat, self deprecating, gleefully irreverent, and blonde in a left-handed kind of way. With a healthy dollup of British sarcasm.

So sit back, bear with me whilst I come up with something to say to y’all, and I hope you have fun. I’m sure having fun being here 🙂

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  1. Hi Cas! I used to drop by quite frequently but can’t do so lately due to my other personal commitments (I’m working on my thesis draft corrections at the moment). Good to see you hear 😀

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