Something A Little More Than Bloggers Block

It’s official, I am suffering from blogging apathy at long last. Maybe it’s because the sniffles I have right about now. Maybe it’s because I just finished writing a report for grant and human research approval for an imaginary research I would probably never see (or it could be real and I still would never see it). Maybe it’s because in truth…the blogging world right now is a complete and utter bore. I really wonder what it could be?

I could spend some time writing about news that other people have almost blogged to death…but then that would definitely not be my style.

I could write about what I think of certain issues I barely understand like the politics or the socio-economical influences that threaten the stability of our car industry…but then that would definitely make me look like a doofus.

I could write about how some people take the blogging world a little too seriously and look like they haven’t had sex for some time while on a coffee rush…but that’s just asking for trouble.

I could write about how the blogosphere needs some lesson in something cool that would redefine the way they write…but it’s not something half a dozen people and myself included haven’t already said before along with the coffee buzz naysayers who would try and condemn it off.

I could write about WordPress…but there would be nothing now that would really interest the rest of the casual WordPress users out there.

I could write about my life…but then I would realise that I really don’t have much of a life to begin with anyway.

I could write about how nothing in the blogosphere seems to inspire me anymore due to it’s petty misgivings, pointless rewrites and very frequent noodle posts…and I could do that…if only I had the mood to actually blog about it.

Then again…I did say I’m suffering from blogging apathy didnt I?

11 thoughts on “Something A Little More Than Bloggers Block

  1. yeah. it’s boring. but you’re still doing it, aren’t you? just blah only lah. get well soon…

  2. I agree with Suanie.

    Then again: look like they haven’t had sex for some time while on a coffee rush…but that’s just asking for trouble.

    Is pretty hilarious. Get well soon.

  3. It’ll be hard to snap a photo of them without them knowing it. It’s insane, it’s dangerous and it’s stupid. I like it. You’re on.

  4. alls you need is a little more drama in your life! spout nonsense! create tension! start spreading rumours! the blowback from dissenters will give you loads to write about hehehe… 😀

    (vitamin c keeps the sniffles at arm’s length)

  5. C’mon, show us what you define as ‘hot chicks’, and then we can compare notes maybe? (“,)

    You’re missing the bright side of blogging here; you can blog about nothing to blog! Oh wait, you just did that!

  6. Didn’t take me long to realize that blogging is boring. I just like reading them… if I want to. sometimes some blogs are pathetic. some, are interesting and some intellectual.

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