Stupid Commercialized Ad Blogs

There is something about blogs that tend to concentrate on making money these days that catches my attention. But it isn’t because of the quality of content. No, I never read blogs that aren’t worth the salt they get paid for. I’m just fascinated by the large number of blogs that concentrate solely on ads and paid posts as their main content.

One of the worst side effects of this sudden “gold rush” of commercialized blogging is the scores of other blogs that blog about ways to improve the way you make money from blogging. Everything from Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) to increasing your Page Ranking from incoming links, as if there wasn’t oodles of websites dedicated to that already. I know blogging has come a long way from it’s quiet diary like beginnings, but if this is the future of what blogging will be, then I don’t think I want any part of it.

What disappoints me more than pisses me off is the fact that back when we started blogging all those years ago, everyone was honest about everything. We were honest about what we felt. The people we read were honest about what we wrote. Most importantly, We were all honest about what we did.

Now, it just feels like you can barely find a blog that’s not dedicated to making money off its readers. We tried so hard in the years before to avoid having ads on our blogs. Now the blogs we see have become one giant ad, with the content not from the writer, but for the purpose of making money. I can understand blogs becoming the centre for distributing information and commentary that gives a certain perspective and flavour from the mainstream media. It, after all is just the natural evolution of such things, but not this.

I guess…I want to see the good old days when you’d look forward to reading someone else’s blog because you know they actually have something to say or some quirky way of saying it that never failed to stop you from grinning. I want to see the good old days when personal blogging was king and we were all lords of our little domains.

In Malaysia at least, there are only handful of personal blogs out there that are worth reading, condemning the rest to commercialized ad-centric peer pressure. But even out here, it’s still as hard to find personal blogs you can relate to or at least grow to love and be a part off. While the 9rules personal community has its fair share of good personal bloggers. I refuse to believe that is all from the millions of blogs out there.

So I’m asking you this. If you know of a great personal blog (which preferably isn’t just your own), could you share it with us here? I would really like to find more personal blogs I can lose myself into and I’m sure, some of you would like to find them too.

15 thoughts on “Stupid Commercialized Ad Blogs

  1. yeah. it spoils the beauty of a blog and I find it an eyesore… also I got the impression that the blogger is greedy.

    another negative impact is that posts that are dedicated in bashing these blogs are increasing…. hahaha

    I can recommend unique pinko . she blogs very well about crazy guys and turn you crazy. nothing about drugs though. I dont recommend 5xmom.


  2. Ugh… I tend to avoid those. I am bombarded with advertising everywhere. I don’t want it to infringe on my hobby.

  3. I do paid blogging and I am proud that I can make a living out of blogging while at the same time blogging for the passion of it. I think you are just jealous that people are making honest money off blogs and blogging, because if you were so pure and holy there won’t be those Google ads on your blog. The fact that they exist show that you do need the money for paying the hosting bills.

    Pity that you do not practice what you preach.

  4. Relax: Thanks. I’ll go through her blog. Surprisingly yours ain’t that bad either, especially with all the Europe pictures.

    ChickyBabe: Oh I so get that. To avoid what we hate. 🙂

    Emporia: What are you talking about? I do practice what I preach actually. Like I said, I don’t like blogs that “concentrate solely on ads and paid posts as their main content”. The delayed google ads and the tiny ad on the top bar is proof of that. It’s not my main content and neither am I making any effort to put it in your way. Paid posts aren’t honest living. I think they are another version of spam when you people take it the way you do. It’s become a blight on to posts that come honestly from people.

  5. I’ve said this before… it’s a pity that while bloggers are all eager and excited to be a part of the new media, they’re not ready to accept what comes with it.


    There is a difference between a blogger who blogs to blog (as a hobby), and there is a difference between a blogger who blogs for money, although I’m bordering on agreeing with you Edrei, I actually prefer to give the latter some benefit of the doubt.

    It gets annoying to surf through blogs that so blatantly scream, ‘This is a money-making device’, but I try to accept that they have the right to exist… although I try not to allow them the right to intrude into my space. While I’m quite impressed by ReviewMe and PPP’s mechanisms, I have to attribute programs like this for causing this sudden influx of interest in the money-making possibility of writing blogs… and uhuh, for people (like you and me) whose king remains ‘content’, these are trying times indeed.

    So here I have it. While, both have the right to rant about each other… but it becomes interesting when one chooses to launch ad-hominem attacks. Albeit, these games are so much more fun when the person who does the launching at least tries to perfect his language first. And in the cases of bloggers who blog for money, I wish they’d admit that their blogs lack the beauty that explodes from originality in content, and realize that they’ve created a category all of their own, and remain placid by agreeing to stay in that. I think they ought not scream to cry for the same kind of recognition that true content writers now enjoy.

  6. thanks kami. the gem of my blog lies not just in the pic but the exercises ^_^

    I blog for arts and self help actually. I will set up a travelblog soon.

    I dont really like blogs that are out of balance of too many words, too many large pictures. I like balance. that just my personal taste.

  7. You know the best thing about a blog is that you can choose to read, subscribe to their feeds or just avoid it all together. Unlike email spam,.. you can’t choose not to receive such emails from making their way on to your inbox.

    So there is actually a different between advertizing blogs, money-making blogs , pay per post blogs or what you call it as “blogs that concentrate solely on ads and paid posts as their main content” then spam.

    Personally I would hope to see more of this sort of blogs if it could keep my inbox less spam 😉

  8. Relax: Well…I guess my blog isn’t to your taste. It’s either too many words or too many pictures (with a few words) for me. 🙂 I do like the art. Art is good. You can’t never have too much of that.

    Jibone: I think the way I see it is, I rely on blog aggregation sites to update me and find new blogs that are worth reading. But because these sites are clogged with ad-centric blogs, other blogs that have content are hard to notice or disappear entirely because of the amount of posts these blogs are churning out. It’s far worse than spam because in this case, you can’t delete these blogs from the aggregation sites.

  9. It’s funny, but when I looked at the list on my links page, most seem to be part of 9rules and most are from the personal community. Maybe I need to ‘get out’ more. I have a feeling that the new Notes on said network will help us/me discover more, real personal blogs.

    Anyway, links:

    Don to Earth – a very personal, very non-commercial blog by a 93-year old. Good stuff on life!

    The Big Blog – also very personal and a true peek into Adem’s daily goings on. Very honest and real.

    As for all those pro-bloggers, they have their place for sure, and I do like to read them when I’m looking for information or business insights! I think something has to happen, and either they give up the name blogger, or we do. But the two are just no longer the same and distinctions must be made…

  10. Silencers: Hey, that’s not bad a blog. I can relate to some of it because I do that part time as well. 🙂

    Nils: Business insights? I don’t get it, how are ads related to business insights? Mind you, these people aren’t Darren Rowse here. At least he puts in content that’s actually useful. These are people who shuck their blogs with ads right down to pay per posts.

    Joy: I skimmed through some of the posts though, I can dig what she’s saying. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  11. It’s true, seems like everybody is dying to earn the extra income, i don’t deny needing those money too! X(

    but blogging years back was indeed the good old days, we didn’t have to care what PR or SEO is, but now everyone’s so into it!

  12. 😀 Boy, this issue does drive you up the wall, doesn’t it? But I do think I get what you mean now. It’s those completely paid for blogs that offer no insights whatsoever and are often ugly and badly written at the same time. Yeah, those are extremely annoying indeed and whenever I run into one, I take a wide berth around them. Luckily, I don’t come across them that often.

    In fact, that’s why I said there’s a naming issue: those aren’t really blogs, they’re ‘frequently updated sites with easily accessible contact forms’, and we should do something to ‘protect’ the blogger name. Start a viral campaign or something, I dunno.

  13. Huei: No we didn’t have to care because it didn’t matter. It was a way to give us the freedom to express ourselves. But now, it’s become a race to see who earns more rather than admire who writes better.

    Nils: Yeah it does drive you up the wall. Unfortunately, I do bump into them right here. 9rules has its benefits with bringing good content, but I need more time to explore to find new blogs I like. The only way you can protect old ways is to blog like one. We’re already part of that bunch. The rest of it lies with persistence.

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