The 9rules Blogging Community Relaunches

In February I announced that the old 9rules was coming back. That was a lie. The old 9rules was never coming back, just some of the philosophy behind it.
9rules: Vol. 3, Edition 1

Sometimes the best thing for you to move forward is to take a step back and return to the reasons why you kept going. That philosophy at least is not lost on 9rules. Returning to the reason why is was created in the first place. The newly relaunched 9rules blogging community now features only member aggregated content, sporting the best blogs on the independent web.

I have to say as a long time member of 9rules (what’s it been? 2 years?), I love the new interface. Unlike the older 9rules Ali which I needed time to get used to, this latest incarnation gets right down to it. It’s clean, it’s intuitive and it gives the readers what they want – the content.

Having said that, everything that was community related before like the 9rules notes and the clips has now been moved to Chawlk, which is like a 9rules spinoff. Part blog, part forum, part Reddit, complete with social networking and livestreaming. The perfect side dish to complement your 9rules reading.

With the launch also come the announcement of new members. Already loving what I read, I have to confess, I did think one of them was already a member to begin with. Well I guess that means I have to give a hearty congratulation to E*Starla for officially becoming part of the 9rules community. It goes to show what you can find on 9rules whether it be friends or something you keep going back to read.

So here is to the next stage of 9rules. May it keep showcasing what we all look for in this unbelievably immense world of blogs. May it keep on giving its readers what we want. The best of blogs, no matter how small or large they are. We can only hope for good things ahead.

4 thoughts on “The 9rules Blogging Community Relaunches

  1. Well thank you so much, Kami! 🙂 Haha. For the doubled-over compliments, that is. I’m completely humbled.

    I guess with 9r returning to their roots, sometimes you have to go backwards in order to go forwards – because we always take the wrong fork in the road once in awhile. 🙂

  2. It’s wrong only when we don’t see any point to it at all. Otherwise it’s just a way of learning that it’s a path in a road we shouldn’t take should we face it again. I personally can’t wait to see what other nifty things 9rules is going to come up with. If there is any indication (Edition 1 for instance), there is plenty more left to create in 9rules.

  3. yes you got it right, when I first saw the latest 9rules I understand why they removed or put aside all the notes/clips to chawlk. pretty impressive when they have a large number of members for notes, they still managed to maintain the quality of the main 9rules.

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