The Blogging World In A Nutshell

Lelia was doing a survey for one of her assignments on Popular Culture. One of the questions of which was to describe the blogging world. Here was my reply to it:

The blogging world is one large high school. You have the juniors, the sophomores and the seniors. You have your A-List popular boys and you have your rebels. You have your geeks who specialize in things and you have people who know nothing. You have your wannabe’s and you have annoying people who think they know better. You will also have some weird guy named Augie who can get you things you never even heard off.

Everyone interacts and unless you’re part of the popular click, you’re just one of the crowd. Everyone is part of a niche, which is part of a community or network, which is part of the whole living breathing ecosystem. As separated as everyone is in terms of belief, idealism and thought. We’re all related together in some way. What affects one blog has the power to ripple throughout the blogging world.

To me it made sense simply because despite while we’d expect blogs to free us from the constraints of the physical world, our thoughts are still limited to the scope in which we can grasp. As much as we’d like blogs to offer us total freedom of will, we’re still influenced by the niche and community in which we associate ourselves with. Very few of us are true innovators, leaders and news makers. The rest of us, myself included are just part of the crowd which you can hear in the background if you’re interested enough. We’re the end users of a very simple social system.

So it makes sense for gossip and news to travel around at lightning speeds. It makes sense for one person’s embarrassing or tragic moment to be the talk of the blogosphere for those “15 minutes”, it makes sense because nothing is kept secret in this largest of high schools. When we blog, people will read. For how long it matters, depends on how popular you are in the sphere.

Of course if I’m correct, then it makes sense why I’ve always been the underdog of blogging. I’ve always been the underdog in high school as well. Always kept to the side, never really noticed until someone really needs me. Crap, and I thought I escaped it all!!

But what do you think? If you’ve been blogging long enough. What is the blogging world to you? How would you describe it?

12 thoughts on “The Blogging World In A Nutshell

  1. Wow, you’ve probably hit the nail right on the head with that reply.

    Nevertheless, I think that the blogosphere is a wee bit more forgiving in some areas. In high school, the popular guys wouldn’t be caught dead chatting with a nerd or some other unpopolar “caste”.

    However, on the blogosphere, communications (ie. commenting) are more open.

    The one thing that probably remains the same is the linking culture or blogrolling as many call it. Here’s where the “who you are” pretty much still determines who gets linked and by who.

  2. Screw you, I’m a bigger underdog than you are! 😀 I’m like the Rodney Dangerfield of Msian bloggers.

  3. You know, Ed, I just realized that I am now in a situation I was in back in secondary school! Which means you are so, so right, damnit.

    In school, I used to have a small group of close-knit friends, and frankly speaking, I wasn’t one of the most popular girls in class, nor was I one of the smartest (but I was definitely one of the laziest, hahha). Now in the blogosphere, I have a small group of close-knit blogger-friends, and as much as I hate to admit this, I ain’t one of the popular or smarter bloggers around!

    Hahah, you are so so right 🙂

  4. Azmeen: Actually the one thing that can still be the same is that some popular people lord over others. Some are nice. Some associate to for their own gains. Some things never change. 🙂

    Swifty: Nah, you’re just a different class altogether. 😛

    Pelf: I should feel very flattered by that, thanks. 🙂 Maybe in realizing that, it can help us grow. One way or another it will affect us in life as it does on our blogs.

    ChickyBabe: Being in university for so long, I actually believe that you’re right. Then again, sometimes school never leaves us either. 🙂

  5. Hear on. In this high school, I’m on my own I must say, completely different the other high school I was in. All grown up I suppose? Hmmm… nah. 😀

  6. I am so depressed, I really hate the thought of blogging being like high school. I stopped teaching because I hated being in the school environment. Oh say it isn’t so. Please find another analogy…
    The blogosphere, like high school is a social structure, and sure there are comparisons that can be made. But unlike high school, you get to chose who you associate with, whose blog do you read.

  7. Dee: Well, some things in schools are universal, even people who keep to themselves, never standing out and always part of the crowd. I know that happens in a lot of schools, even mine. 🙂

    Chapree: Well, like ChickyBabe said, some of us never leave school at all. Maybe none of us every really did.

    Adam: I’m sorry you feel that way. It’s just that some things, you just can’t run away from. I don’t think it’s any different who we choose to associate with in high school compared to blogs. It even boils down to whether they choose to acknowledge you or not. We always had that choice, even in high school. Right here in the sphere, that is no different.

  8. Well Ed, blogging is my place to be emotional, when in public and at ‘work’ I have to be politically correct all the time. Tiresome, tiresome. My blog is simply my humblest thoughts, an outlet when I don’t want to bother my friends with tedious details of my misery and joy.

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