The Book Every Blogger Should Read

I know I’m a little late for this but then again it’s better late than never. Lorelle of the Lorelle On WordPress fame has come up with a new book entitled “Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging”.

Now I can’t say much about the book because I haven’t read it yet, though I am going to be receiving it pretty soon courtesy of Lorelle’s generosity. But I am going to say this about the Lorelle that I know as a person and a friend, what she writes about blogs and blogging is a crap load more than any one person would know. She’s written about our plan, our purpose as bloggers. She’s written the technical details like blog administration, spam prevention and SEO. She’s even written about ways to market one’s blog via social networking as well. I can’t possibly put everything here because in the time that Lorelle started Lorelle On WordPress, she’s written what amounts to an infinite bundle of resource on blogging.

The good news is that now you can read it all in a book.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s new to blogging or even remotely serious about it. Heck I’d even recommend this book to anyone who is interested about it but don’t really have the time to learn all the details about it with years of experience. This book should be the years of experience in a cover. Something you should read to give you the low downs of blogging, even if you think you know everything there is know about it.

So why not? You’re a blogger and this is a book on blogging. It makes sense and after this, I’ll tell you just how good this book is. So why not get it right now?

24 thoughts on “The Book Every Blogger Should Read

  1. I ordered a copy! Seriously, I think she has 50 hours a day, considering the amount of posts she is able to publish on a daily basis. I sometimes have problem churning out a decent post!

  2. Hey friend,
    How can I get my hands on the book?
    How did you get a copy – Is she running a contest of sorts?
    Or maybe I can buy it off you second hand?

  3. Pelf: That’s what she loves, so that’s what she specializes in. That’s what it’s all about. Doing what you love. Whatever comes after that is natural. You don’t do it for the sake of doing it.

    Narrowband: That she is.

    River of Karma: You can buy it from the Blog Herald link here. She sent me a copy, but I think it’s worth buying it in the first place since you can’t exactly buy it in your local bookstore.

  4. Yeah, I wonder if the book will arrive in local bookstores before it’s obsolete. Have ordered it via blog herald’s site just now so thanks for the info..

  5. Wow, my friend, I’m so honored and embarrassed. I should have had you write the introduction. 😉

    Thanks for supplying the link to buy the book. It can also be purchased directly from the publisher at SplashPress, though there is no price difference. Just another route. If you buy it before next Friday, I will autograph the copies.

    This print was a short run only and when supplies run out, the price will be going up, and then distribution to bookstores will be considered. Currently, it’s only available online, which makes it easy and you don’t have to pay the markup bookstores charge. We’re working to keep this as affordable as possible.

    I will be posting excerpt chapters from the book on my blog so you can get a feel for what is in there. The first one is Blogging Tips Book: Blog Branding and Identity. I’ll have another one next week.

    Thanks again to everyone for their support.

    Oh, aad_lfcfn, I’ve been blogging for almost 15 years. I sure wish I had these tips back then, so I don’t think this information will become obsolete soon. 😉

  6. what I meant were seo and other related trends since the search engine might change their algorithm in the future. Thanks a lot for the info and great book.

  7. Aad_ifcfn: Almost all SEO follows the basics which hasn’t changed much since years ago. It all boils down to the proper use of the right words for the right content. What they are now doesn’t render that information obsolete.

    Lorelle: Haha, maybe next time you can ask me to write some parts of your next book. At least it’s a good thing it’s available online and it makes sense as well. Bloggers do spend most of our time online anyway.

  8. aad_lfcfn: You make a good point, but, as Edrei says, no matter how SEO algorithms shift and change, and they are changing all the time as the technology to “read your mind” improves 😉 but the truth is that well-written, original content, written with words people search for, called “keywords”, will win no matter what happens.

    The best thing to understand about SEO is that it’s like the clap key finder, a gimmick gadget from years ago. You lose your keys and a clap would make them beep until you found them. Unfortunately, the battery often went dead before you could find your keys, so you had to look fast! Unless your blog post wants to be found by using words people use to search, it won’t be found. You have to have good batteries and make word noises in order to be found. The rest is just games people play to get attention.

    Write to be found and you will be. It’s that easy.

    By the way, Lorelle on WordPress has done NOTHING to improve its SEO for almost two years. Nothing. I know the game that well. It’s a blog and all I can do is write in it. I can’t change the underlying code in any way, other than make it pretty, which a search engine has no interest in. Yet, even when I had 18 consistent readers, people were already saying it was on the “A-List” or whatever. How would they know since I don’t know what qualifies for inclusion? It certainly wasn’t because of traffic in those early days, and yet people claimed it was.

    I’ve had two years to explore why people assumed that early on, and even though the blog has grown, in spite of my lack of doing anything to tinker with the SEO workings other than write what I know and learn, I think it was because I had written something findable that people wanted to know. You do that, and you win in SEO. That’s it.

  9. So did you read the book in the meantime? Would be interesting if it keeps what it promises .. Actually there are a lot of (e)books about blogging but most of them include only platitudes ..

  10. The book sure sounds like a Blogging For Dummies and Bloggers Bible combined type of book. : ) I’m glad there’s Lorelle to share those information with the blogging public. Cheers!

  11. Hmm. That books sounds interesting. I’ll have to look for it during my travels to the book store.

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