The Kaypohchi Syndrome

Somehow I find it extremely amusing and and at the same extremely disconcerting that people, Malaysian people in particular, make it their business to make things that have no relation or significance to them whatsoever their business.

From where I come from, I think there was a term for it. Nosy? Busybody? But since I’m not intellectual enough to come up with the word, I’ll just come up with my own term. Let’s call it the Kaypochi Syndrome.

It’s inexplicable I tell you, but when you’re online with whatever you write out there for the whole world to see, rest assured that you’re going to pick up some weird characters on you like leeches feasting on your blood. Of course though in medieval times, people used to let leeches feast on the blood of others in the belief that they suck the bad blood from you which is a good thing. Apparently this practice has never died out.

Putting that bloody (yet cute) picture aside for a moment, I’ve got to ask myself, does it really matter if people you don’t know start pushings things to your face and say that this is the better choice? Usually if it isn’t me, I would just sit back and amuse myself with the situation. Then again, when it does concern me, it amuses me in a disturbing way which makes me realise why some of my friends hate it when it does happen to them…on a constant basis.

Why? Why would anyone like to make a big deal of things that in the bigger picture is virtually insignificant and doesn’t even relate to them at all? I have no idea. Yet, time and time again, you get comments or posts replying to what you wrote because some people feel that their immensely bruised ego must be soothed for them to feel better about themselves. Of course, they make it very very clear on why their ego is bruised in the first place which makes it all the more baffling when you realise that what has happened has nothing to do with them.

I guess in the end, it boils down to one of the basic traits of a blogger or a human being whichever way you see it – our narcissism. You do what it takes to feed it whether it is to blog about things like no one’s business or to find someone else’s blog and make your presence known like it’s no one’s business.

When you look at things that way, even people who are extremely nosy have a right to be like old women neighbours interrogating on when will you get married. You may not like it, but it’s still part of life nevertheless, our blogging life. The only difference it that old woman may be some 20 something year old guy who’s been sheltered too much.

So what do I say to that? Nothing at all. The only thing I can do is pass through that discomfort of people like that and somehow turn it into my own amusement. You can’t let things like this get you down no matter how angry-fying it makes you. Because when you look back at it, the only way you’re going to be dragged down is when you stopp down to their level and actually think about it which isn’t what you would like to do.

Some people can change. Some people will never change. But those are still other people. What would you and I do? Well that’s something best left to us to decide. I opt for a beer on the porch. What about you?

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