The Malaysian Blogger Ego

I lead two lives in the blogosphere. One would be the quiet out-of-state relationship with people who appear to have the “sensible” quirkiness I find relaxing and surprisingly fufilling as you’re doing something that gives back to the people – The WordPress Gang.

The other would be the madhouse of a place with the people I grew up with on my own backyard which I have managed to learn how to block out of my head when things go completely out of proportion and the children start wailing for no reason – The PPS Community.

It’s always facinating to know the sheer contrast of attitude and life that goes on with the two worlds here. I don’t know how it happened or why it does happen, but there is always this feeling that the people who are of the PPS community somehow just seem so…petty. Don’t get me wrong, being childish and petty doesn’t mean it’s something I don’t like. On the contrary, even the mundane gives you some good surprises every now and again. It’s just that for the most part, it’s hard not to become disillusioned with what you do by the way some people tend to act on some things.

I said it before, the whole sense of being a 3rd generation blogger is to define yourself, define your blog on the audience that you have. It’s just that I don’t know if it’s the “Malaysian Ego” here but it would seem that a lot of people that I have seen so far just want to become bloggers of crass commercialism…and they would do anything to get there.

Maybe that’s why I feel distanced from the PPS side of the Malaysian Blogosphere. For some reason, I just feel that the individuality in which blogs are made off…it just isn’t there. You can’t have that sense of one’s self when 10 people blog about the same thing. You can’t have the sense of closeness when everyone is reducing all forms of expression to “who knows best” in the community. You can’t respect people for their convictions about what they believe in when they eventually become hypocritical images of themselves for the sake of having people read what they write.

It just feels different when I’m out here with the rest of the world especially when I’m in WordPress. There is none of that pettiness, none of that overabundant attention seeking narcissism, none or all that. At the end of the day, you just have the sense of satisfaction that you did some good and people thank you for that. At the end of the day you come up with quite a few blogs that are worth reading because they mean something to you or that they are so damn funny. At the end of the day…you’re part of something and still part of yourself.

I don’t know. Is Malaysia’s blogging community only going to result in childish petty displays egotistical narcissism for years to come? I have no idea. What I do know is that at this point, as long as people still are contented to let the audience dictate how their blogs are run, there will always be one topic blogged by 15 other people. There will always been the Kahsoons and other reblogs in the community. There will always be that crass commercialism of blogs that are nothing more than soulless noodle posts.

I can’t do anything about because I’m not up there in on the food chain. I’m somewhere in between with no reputation to be considered. What I can do is help out where I can and take credit when it’s due…mostly in regards to WordPress. Then again…I can live with that. The sad thing is…most people can’t seem to. Can you?

6 thoughts on “The Malaysian Blogger Ego

  1. Question is.. why are you blogging?

    If you got a good reason, why cares about what others are doing?

    If you can’t make difference to the world, start with making difference to yourself.

  2. I think I answered that on an older post last time. I’m not trying to make a difference anywhere except what I can make a difference in, world or not. That’s what I said…I can live with it.

  3. Whoa, sounds like a condemnation. Dude, my Sellout Week isn’t even going to last forever. It was basically a week of saying ‘fuck you’ to champions of mediocrity.

  4. Or did you actually get the whole irony of my Sellout Week and was merely using me as an over-the-top example for the generic blog that appeals to the Malaysian public?

  5. Nah…I was using example of the term you coined “crass commercialism”, if people are smart enough to know that you’re using it lightheartedly, it should be ok. 🙂

  6. Well, guess they weren’t smart enough, as I know. Most people think that the pink colour that Swifty suddenly used for his blog is so terrible, I for one think so too, until he told me “It’s just a joke”.

    Yeah, now I see why you often say, blog for yourself first and foremost, traffic comes secondary. I’ve never gotten involved with PPS (nor have any intention to do so, although I ping my entries there) and blog wars and cut and paste blogs.

    Last time, I often asked how I wanted my blog to be run, what people like. Now, I myself decide what I want to blog about, thanks for giving me the enlightenment.

    However, ego is something that all humans have, and it’s very hard to suppress it. Yesterday, I read someone’s lament about the blogosphere too. He says, humans are noisy, and I quote him:

    In general the observations of the average human being posted on the Internet are as startlingly insipid, inarticulate and
    banal as in any other medium.

    Maybe that’s our nature, I think.

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