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I know I’m pretty busy, but I want to take some time to say what I feel while I feel it. When I joined 9rules, I joined it out of the possibility that I could find a blogging network that worked, a blogging community was a community and not just a bunch of people who want to constantly be in their 15 minutes of fame. Not until recently I’ve figured, I haven’t made the wrong choice.

I know I haven’t been keeping tabs on what’s been happening in here, at least not as I used to but for those that are still in the dark this is the gist of it – 9rules: jealous, petty, snarky or lost? Basically, it’s picking on the top brass of 9rules and what 9rules have come up lately. Truthfully, as much as a number of 9rulers are outraged by such a post, many aren’t aware of it, or rather choose not to express any opinion for or against it. And this comes in part to what I think of such dribble.

I don’t think immaturity like should really matter.

I come from a part of the blogosphere where things like this used to be a daily occurrence, where bloggers would take potshots at each other with accusations of stupidity all for the sake of coming out of the shithole smelling clean over the other side. Yet in all this, those that come out better are the ones that don’t take part in such dirty “blogolitics”. It doesn’t matter if you have a few thousand readers to your blog or some $2 million venture capitalist money to your blogging network. I would love to have those for myself, but if it works out for you and not me, that’s life. I can live with that.

What matters is, at the end of it, are the reasons in why you build something. If all blogs worked on the same level, if all blogging networks or communities were there same, it would be so mundane, I’d have to shoot someone to spice things up. I like 9rules for what it is and for what it gives me. I don’t care about your reasons for liking b5media or how you’re going to build it up. If it works for you then that’s great. There shouldn’t be any arguments there.

What I hate about this entire thing is that people expect other people to buy into the whole idea that our lives revolve around blogs. It wasn’t as reflected in the post as it was reflected by the sheer number of comment from people waiting for the “fight of the century” that never happened, in part because 9rules top dogs never bought into it. It’s not about being bullies or cowards as the author suggests. It’s about whether it defies common sense to respond to some 8 year old kid who probably gets off feeling high and mighty because he thinks he’s done the world a favour. As I’ve said, I’ve seen things like this happen before. It’s old, its stale and it reflects the quality of not just your work but who you are as a person.

So coming back to this little blogging whiplash, I don’t think it really matters at all. Maybe 9rules is a little elitist, maybe we have some flaws in the system, but hey, nothing is really perfect, not me, not 9rules and neither are you. What matters is that we know exactly what we’re doing and more importantly why we’re doing it. What matters is we do our best to work within what we want our blogs or big community networks to be and improve it when we can.

Maybe the most important thing to realize here is that b5media or 9rules are built on the individual blogs. Individual blogs that reflect the distinct personality of their owners. Individual blogs that are together because they share a common purpose that forms the basis of a community. I can’t speaks for other networks or communities but I can say for me at least, I put my life first before I put my blog and I know plenty of 9rulers who would do the same too even if part of their careers involve blogs. My blog is defined by how I live life out there in the real world and that is my contribution to 9rules just as it is the contribution of other 9rulers that I know.

So if you’re going to debase us based upon the fact that we don’t seem to be doing anything, you go right ahead at it. At the end of the day we’re just living life and doing what it takes to put our priorities (whether family, friends, loved ones or our careers) into order so that when the time comes, whatever we express won’t be some piece of fabricated gossip or some inexperienced idealistic views on something controversial. It will be exactly as we lived it by and not just written for the sake of writing.

5 thoughts on “The Never Changing Blogosphere

  1. This kind of behavior has happened in every online community I’ve ever seen, and if you take a step back, or maybe look a bit closer, I think you’ll see the same behaviors happening outside in other real world communities as well.

    Any time a community grows you get this. Suddenly people are involved, or at least noticing it that don’t agree with the principles it was founded on–or maybe they do, but they don’t think those are being carried out anymore, or they have a problem with the administration, etc etc. It never fails.

    I don’t know what really spawns this behavior. Maybe someone interpreting things out of context, making assumptions about things that have never been true, or just not understanding the point in the first place. They get an idea and they run with it, and attack it because it doesn’t fit their world view.

    I wouldn’t say it’s human nature, exactly, but I do think it’s a common tendancy at least. I’ve wondered at times if the nature of online communication has exacerbated what seems to be a fundamental communication problem, or if it’s just highlighted it so it’s easier to see.

    I agree with your conclusion though. I hadn’t read that until just now, and you’re right, it doesn’t matter. It IS dribble. I find it interesting that they mention a business model when no self respecting businessman would make such immature comments. Let them whine all they want, they don’t matter.

  2. I’m not familiar with 9rules but I have seen the behaviours you describe. There seems to be a bit of a lull in the blogosphere of late. Like anything, ugliness reels its head every so often. But it will pass.

  3. Alex: That’s a pretty interesting observation though, maybe in the long run, it is the part of nature that inheritly falls to chaos from order, the kind of social pendulum that switches from order to chaos to order again as individuals change or grow and thus seperate from the current order to a new social order that fits their currently redefined perspectives.

    What I can’t stand and really don’t want to be a part off is the way they handle things as that social order descends into chaos. People become their own worst enemies and try and bite other people head off. Maybe it’s an online geek thing, digital survival of the fittest. Either way, it gets ugly and that serves no purpose whatesoever.

    So what do we do in that situation. Ignore the whining and move along till they grow up.

    ChickyBabe: Yeah it will pass. I just didn’t expect things like this to happen on such a larger scale. You’d expect people in the business to be civil and mature. But everyone wants to be an ego driven super geek. Who’d have guessed. 🙂

  4. That’s great David. You probably know that 9rules is having the next member intake soon. Would be great if you signed up and get accepted in. 🙂

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