The Single Best Lesson In Blogging Ever

“When you’ve spent 15 minutes sitting in front of the computer trying to think of some smart thing to say in your post. You know you have better things to do. So go do them instead.”

No really, good things don’t take 15 minutes of thinking before you can put them down. They usually take 15 minutes of writing before you realize it’s worth writing about them in the first place. So don’t waste your time on things you’re only going to force yourself to write badly. There is always better time spent out there on what matters.

Don’t you think it’s time you do them?

8 thoughts on “The Single Best Lesson In Blogging Ever

  1. true. some of my shittiest posts take almost 2 hours to write but the good ones only took less than 30 mins to pen down (or draw).

    haii, what to do. pressure to blog.

  2. Why would there be pressure in the first place? Unless you really got a product to sell, blogs are nothing more than hobbies we do in our free time. No pressure at all.

  3. Hear! Hear!
    I’ve done the same, started at a blanks screen thinking up a post, then decided it wasn’t worth pushing myself for the sake of posting more often. Blogging, and writing should flow from within.

  4. I wouldn’t say this is the best advice ever, but it sure is good advice.

    It does NOT apply, however, when you’ve got an idea for a post but you’re just to lazy to flesh it out.

  5. Cléa: That’s an overlooked art these days. People try too hard and miss the point completely about writing. Gone are the days when words would come out regardless of what you feel. Words that mean more today than what took you so long to mull over.

    Pinksterz: And let’s keep it that way.

    Eli: It applies as well to any post because laziness is not an excuse for not posting. Either you do or you don’t. Blogging isn’t the kind of commitment in which you live of die for. It’s something that you do because you mean it. By that reasoning, this advice could possibly be the most important one when you understand what it’s trying to tell you.

  6. no pressure at all when blogging unless it’s a paid to blog. i have my personal blog and i only post twice a month or whenever i like to post on some news related .

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