The Ultimate Description Of Blogging

It’s been a while since I answered one of Lorelle’s Blogging Challenges and seeing that I do have something a little more important ahead of me to do, it might seem like a bad idea to take time off to do so. Then again, if there are two things that would give me a reason to jot this down, it’ll be because either I feel strongly about it, or that I need time off to my thoughts. Today it’s both, which brings us to the point of this post.

Lorelle’s challenge this week is to describe what blogging is all about so that people can understand it. Now, we all could have gotten away with “Blogging is about a constantly updated content that focuses on building a relation between the reader and the readers”. Some of us could also have gotten away with “Blogging is 1337 and I h4x0r you cause I have one” but then no one with a mental age higher than 6 would actually understand that. We could have gotten away with all that, but because this is a challenge, Lorelle wants something a little more introspective of us. So here it goes.

Blogging is a reflection in the mirror of what we want to show to the world. For the most part, blogging is about us. It is the mirror image of who we are and what we are. If you run a business with a product, your blog about it should be the reflection of your product and not yourself. Because of this, it’s easy for a lot of us to go wrong when we mix doing business with being personal. Sometimes we forget about mirroring the image of our product and end up mirroring the image of our selves.

Blogging is a state of self. For people like me who keep our blogs for personal use, it is the moment in time when we thought the things we wrote down. It’s not just the actual words that define the state of self, but more the motives why we wrote them. Did we feel the chaos of emotions of the moment as we pounded the words down? Did we write for the sake of writing because we don’t want to be left out from the others? Did we empathise with our readers when we informed them about how our product is progressing?

Our motives no matter how ulterior they are, show the world the fragmented images of yourself. You could be the most read blogger in the world, but come out looking like an insincere person that would write anything because you needed the hits. You could also be the most underrated blogger in the region, but be bespoken for by the people who know that what you’re writing is true whether loved or hated.

It’s understandable that people take this for granted, but it shouldn’t be overlooked either way, especially if you run a business off it because it. After all, motives define character and character builds reputation. Good businesses always build from the ground up.

Blogging is a marker for improvement. Every post is a frozen moment in time. While the past lies in the past and we should move on from it. It’s marker to tell yourself how far you’ve gone from where you last posted. Where are you now from a year ago? Have you learnt anything from the moments that passed before? Have you grown older with your readers or have you grown up with them?

Remember, blogging like anything in life leaves plenty of room for improvement. Sometimes we can discover untapped talent from blogging. Sometimes we can discover new things we have never knew before. Plenty of times we connect with people from our blogs and with that learn that the world is a whole lot bigger and paradoxically smaller than what we once thought.

Blogging is no different from real life. You are who you are in your blog. Whether it be your expression of feelings, your opinions in commentary or your product as a business. Your blog is a place to be free to express it all. At the same time it is the place where your expression can be expressed upon. With freedom comes the awareness that you’re not the only one in the world with the same thought, neither is your thought the only one in the world.

Connecting with people is part of that freedom. So is learning how we should express our thoughts, learning what words we should pay attention to and most importantly how to connect with the people who we are expressing ourselves to. If you can’t do that on a written medium, how can we expect to perform the same thing to a greater degree in real life?

I could go on and on about what blogging is all about, but the road that leads from it is something we learn everyday. Blogging can be a part of life, but by no means is life a part of blogging. It is the reflection of who we are in the worded mirror. It is a fragment of perspectives that define our individuality, uniqueness and paradoxically our similarities. At the end of it, blogging is about you.

What comes from it on the other hand is a road only you can choose.

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Description Of Blogging

  1. Wow, wow, and more wow! Well done.

    I’m not sure how this would go over with my grandmother, but I love it.

  2. im tellin you,this post sure can enlighten bloggers!!! impressive….very nice…knocked some sense into me!! thanx…

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