This Blog’s Content Is Being Stolen

Thanks to Cas and Lorelle, I recently found out that Footsteps in the Mirror is being plagiarised (in the broadest sense) by a site called The Malaysian Blogosphere.

It turns out as well that a lot of sites are being published on it through their feeds. Even though I have my full feeds being published on another site, I actually gave them permission to do so. I don’t recall giving permission for this blog to publish my posts on this site and that violates the copyright of this blog. Now it wouldn’t be so bad if the site works as an aggregation, but seeing that it got ads plastered all over it, I think that’s just taking advantage of the situation.

Now seeing that I can’t contact the owner of the blog to kindly send them a cease and desist letter, Lorelle fortunately gave all the answers to this one, both in her book on Blogging Tips I’ve received and in one of her post about Jonathan Bailey and plagiarism.

Anyway, if you’re Malaysian and don’t recall giving permission for your content to be published on this site. Help by sending their host a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice to take down the site. Also help by reporting the site to Google’s Adsense because they are using copyright material to earn money.

The hardest part of things like this is trying to find out who nicked your content. It’s actually easy to deal with them after you find them out. It just takes a little time and some vigilance on our part to make sure our content is being used for the right purposes. Plagiarised content will not be tolerated, at least not by me. If I knew who you are, rest assured you better grow two eyes on the back of your head because as I said before, there are worse things than death.

And I’m all of them.

14 thoughts on “This Blog’s Content Is Being Stolen

  1. Dude, I’ve met you in real life, and you are nowhere near as scary as you think you are.

  2. Now wouldn’t it be more scary to find out just how dark harmless looking people can be when you don’t know them well enough. 🙂

  3. I am in the same predicament… but I don’t intnd to report it since there are no adds placed. Well…at least so far none.

  4. First off, I’m sorry to hear about your problems. I hope that your current steps will be enough to stop the content theft. If it is not, just shoot me an email and I’ll have a look at it. There are other steps that can be taken.

    Please let me know if there is any way that I can help!

  5. The thing is, it got ripped from your Feedburner feed.

    If it were stolen directly from your WP’s standard feed URL, there’re quite a number of mod_rewrite tricks you could employ to teach this person a lesson 😉

  6. the website stole my content too, i’ve already reported it to google. guys if you do not agree with the website practice, then please report it to google -the end-

  7. It’s ripping off virtually everybody’s posts. “Plagiarise”? Don’t dignify the act with that word. At least plagiarists take the effort to write/type what they copy.
    Ah yes. Elliot Back. Google that name and see just how widespread it really is. A similar site ripped one of my posts (thank you, Technorati) for a “travel” blog – and it wasn’t even a post on travelling! I don’t get around very much, either.

  8. Rauff: Thing is, if you aren’t part of the solution, it’ll become part of the problem as well. Things like this tend to escalate. How far are you willing to let them get away with it?

    Jonathan Bailey: Thank you for your offer. I do hope too that the steps you outlined in your blog herald posts does the job as well. If there are any complications. I’ll be sure to contact you.

    Azmeen: Mod rewrites are notoriously tricky. Even with the ones I employ and suggested for image hotlinking, there is a lot to maintain for that to make sure it’s set right. But yeah, they are effective alright.

    Pat: That’s stealing content for you.

    Mypapit: Yeah, I reported it to Google as well. Hopefully that’ll take the blog off the search engines and cancel the ads.

    Giant Sotong: It’s still the same thing. It’s a copy of the content without permission from the owner. Doesn’t matter whether it was masterfully rewritten or just a direct RSS rip. It’s still plagiarism.

    Lorelle: Thanks a lot, though I think that’s the host of the blog not necessarily the owner.

  9. Hello,
    Now how would you react when someone copies your whole article and post it on their site without permission but put a link to your site? I feel that there is something unethical about it but I don’t know….


  10. Of course there is something unethical about it. What you have to do though is to contact them and tell them to take it off. Failing that, you contact whoever they are hosted with and complain. If they have ads, contact whoever their advertisers are, they would usually cancel their ads. Also, you can contact Google and report the site, Google will remove them off their indexing and prevent the site from being indexed in its search engines.

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