Troll Under The Bridge

Wow, I must have ticked off someone a doozy. Either that or they are drunk with too much time on their hands because they’d rather spend time writing this than actually living life. Times like this, I’m glad I set my spam filter to pick up trolls. Here is one of the four comments I found tucked under spam from yesterday. You can understand why I was laughing my head off when I read it.

Where you cant succeed in reality, you make up your own world eh, Kamigoroshi?
You want to believe you can do the impossible, yet your trials always turn to failure.
You believe in the ultimate challenge you set for yourself yet you cant take a single criticism.
Your world, my friend, is superficial. Make believe. FAKE.. Artificially perfect to your own design. Only yours. Others matter not. If there were more Edrie(s), nothing would change, really. Only a few more rubik cubes will be bought, a few more laptops would have names and a few more blogs will pop up each, with the (perfect world) of that same 1 person. You.

Going to delete this post? Dont worry. Its meant for you only anyway.
Go ahead, delete it. Its a mere smudge in your pefect blog , isnt it?
Criticism plays no part in your priceless blog…your life…your universe.
Haven’t deleted it yet? Read on then..

You see,

Its usually called the “The Only Child (in the family)” Syndrome. Where you think the world revolves around you. You have been given attention your whole dependent life, what better way than to make a blog of superficial content. Where your thoughts you think are philosophically entertaining insight into the mind and life of a genius is just the opposite.
Ppl dont flock to your blog Kamigoroshi, nope, not at all. Ppl, are duped into checking out your blog by you. Advertising your blog on the pretext that you, have just implemented a new function and wants to check its compatibility is, snooping so so low that your own forehead hits dirt. Bragging bout achievements and challenges you are gonna face, so that others will see how “multi-talented” you are, merely begs for pity.

Oh well,

Are you gonna play your Rubik cube now, God-Slayer(laugh)? Show the world how one who can kill deities is soooo smart, that he must show off his talent in public. For goodness sake, GROW UP! See the signs! The women you were with never last, do they? They fall out spectacularly in disgust with you or are just weird. One doesnt even want you in her life anymore. Changing cellular contact, msn contacts etc. She was intrigued by the weird life of Kamigoroshi but as the fog settled, she realized, in reality, you are nothing but a failure. Not even as a slayer of gods, but as a mere mortal, a failure as a human being.

You wanna know wats the solution to all these? More Edries. Really. Then the attention wouldnt have been on you alone from the day you were born. You wouldnt think you were so special. You’d be exposed to the REAL life and would be able to face criticism in the face.

Alas, there’s only 1 of you.
May God help us all.

In a way I’m kinda flattered for the infamy I have coming from this anonymous person. I’m sure he’s much too shy to openly declare who is he or what exactly I did that caused him to write something like this. Which doesn’t really matter because hey, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, even if they are severely twisted by their own sense of misery, even if they are a little childish and scared about being responsible for their actions.

Either way if there was an award for making my day, this person deserves it. Thanks a lot for the chuckles. I’m pretty sure that was your best throw at things in my life or what you think my life is all about. Either way I’m glad that I made such an impact in your life to spent time on 4 different comments on the same topic about how much my life is suppose to appear to you. I’m glad that you’re a productive part of the society and I look foward to your contribution in keeping us all amused in our weary days and my house warm when the time comes.

In the mean time, I really should add that troll zero-tolerence policy to the disclaimer, if ever I find the stant to actually write one. I wonder how you will react when you encounter something like this?

5 thoughts on “Troll Under The Bridge

  1. Wow, your troll detector blocks THAT?!

    For some reason, I imagine Hugo Weaving reading it aloud. Ironic that it would take a relatively similiar mind to write such a comment like that (no offense meant to the writer, just… noting.)

    Use the other three comments as filler as and when necessary! 😀

    I am curious to read the rest, as it is surprisingly diplomatic-sounding and philosophical, uncharacteristic of a flame; more like hot steam than boiling water.

  2. The unfortunate thing is that I kinda pressed “Delete Spam” by the time I noticed those comments. I just saved this longest one because I thought it was funny. The rest of them were short and pretty much of the same lines as this one.

    Yeah when you come and think about it, I can imagine Hugo Weaving repeating out out word for word. Hahaha…that would make this a priceless comment. 🙂

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