We Don’t Need This SEO Thingie

Woke up. Read this article about how bloggers don’t need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. Went back to sleep. Started to think. Woke up again. Blogged.

Malaysian stereotypically have a style of their own, one of which is our near fanatical obsession in obtaining as much coverage as possible, more so through the net as bloggers. I don’t know whether we’re all culturally bred attention seekers or we’re trying a little bit too hard to emulate Singapore’s Blogosphere scene.

The thing is, a lot of us are attention junkies, drawn towards the sensationalisic appeal of…well anything really. We can take the smallest things and blow them completely out of proportion just to scream out “Hey look at me!! I’m worth something too!!”.

The good thing about all this so far is that the 15 minutes of sensationalism that bloggers have seems to be dying down, at least in the part of the blogosphere I inhabit. So far, there hasn’t been any repetitive, near feverish, paparazzi like posts on things regarding a single topic about other bloggers and their opinions about things.

It may be a little bit quiet, but here in the blogosphere, quiet is how some of us like it. It gives us a little time to ourselves and just forget about the rest of the world as it is. And sometimes you need that at least. Not this techno-whammy-sequence of how to make your blog more important to search engines with a better page rank. Just some time to yourself…time to be yourself. Whatever that may be. At least people will come back for you.

3 thoughts on “We Don’t Need This SEO Thingie

  1. I think that the SEO is only needed for those who want to generate money from their blog. But if the blog is just personal, SEO is just wasting time

  2. Which again is not needed since if the blogger has any real content to read in the first place. Their rankings will come naturally. It’s the people that have no substance in the first place that need it because no one is going to bother reading their site to begin with. It’s with that which SEO has been abused. The same way spam works.

  3. SEO = Marketing

    But, if the author of the blog sucks, no mater how good the seo is, no one will read it. While a good blog is a better bet for loyal readers and constant traffic 😀

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