Welcoming Footsteps in the Mirror 7.5

After a year of icy coolness, it was decided that a little redesign was in order. In place of that antarctic feel my penguins are used to, they have decided in their infinite wisdom to head up to the tropics for some warm sun, sand and much needed pina coladas in pineapples.

Footsteps in the Mirror Version 7

Footsteps in the Mirror Version 7.5

As such is the motif, you can’t expect them to bring all their fancy Web 2.0 feel with them can we? So in place of such change, they have brought with them something a little more down to Earth. Notebook torn papers and post-it notes have replaced all the rounded icy smoothness. Can’t say they aren’t loving it too, especially being by the beach and all.

Of course nothing is ever perfect on the go. Since the penguins always come up with things in the spur of the moment, chances are, they are going to forget a few things. So if you see stuff that these future overlords of the world might have forgotten, don’t hesitate to leave comment.

Hopefully you like and enjoy the beach-like rustic atmosphere. Let it not be said that hard working megalomaniacal penguins don’t take a leaf out to relax every once in a while. That being said, I hope you take a leaf out of their book as well.

If you’re using Internet Explorer 6, I’m aware that there are probably a lot of quirks in the layout. Just that because I’m using Internet Explorer 7 right now, I don’t have the capabilities fix those problems at the moment. You might want to consider upgrading your browser to either IE7 or even Firefox. That’s the best advice a penguin can give while chilling by the beach.

Update: It’s come to my attention that I forgot to change the name of the IE-only styling. So anyone using Internet Explorer 7 would have seen the old layout. That’s all fixed now.

17 thoughts on “Welcoming Footsteps in the Mirror 7.5

  1. Frankly speaking, Ed, I love this one more than the blue one 😀 The orange looks so much livelier than blue 😀

  2. Since you asked for criticism…

    1) Your nav links on the archive pages do not work.
    2) http://kamigoroshi.net/archives-and-categories – on the top right the subpages box is empty
    3) Quick Asides – bloggers know what asides are but most people don’t. You’d be surprised how many people are confused on what asides are.
    4) You don’t have to answer this but I asked a friend of mine (non-blogger) her thoughts and she had the same feeling. What’s the difference between asides, Thought of the Moment, Posts of the Moment? I know Thoughts of the Moment is Twitter but it’s confusing even to me lol.

    I like the design, nice and summery. Made me wish I didn’t have the heat on in May…

  3. Mossie: Thanks alot. 🙂

    Ivette: The thought hasn’t hit me on that because this was actually done on a whim. 🙂

    Naoko: Well they are sipping. I certainly don’t have the time or ingredients to make my own pina colada. So sad.

    Pelf: The previous blue layout was more of a programing challenge rather than a design. Still…I’m glad you like this latest incarnation. It certainly warms up to me. 🙂

    Tyme: Ahh. Finally something I can work on.
    1) The navigation in the archive pages should work now.
    2) Ahh, I’ve been trying to fix that ever since I made the basic structure of this layout a year before. Those empty subpage boxes appear on all pages even the ones that do not have subpages. I can’t seem to make it only appear in pages that have subpages. It’s a programming limitation that’s out of my knowledge scope I’m afraid. But if you know how to fix it, I’ll be glad to have some pointers.
    3 and 4) I’ve tweaked the sentence a bit. Hopefully that would give a clearer picture of what each sectioning is for. I might want to do some rearranging later but for now, coming up with a better title is the best I can do temporarily.

    Esther: Thanks a lot. Can’t say I’m not envious of them too. And they are my penguins even. 🙂

  4. Nice! Very very nice. I actually like this to the blue. Your penguins are finally seeing some sun 😉

    I really like the torn paper look. Well done, Ed!

  5. Ooh.. lovely! Me likey very much :).
    My preference would be to see the latest post in full instead of the Latest Post et al. I’ve always found that navigation confusing. But that’s my 1cent, since the USD is taking a dive.

  6. Tine: Well the penguins can stomach the sun a whole lot better than me. Top notch for inspiration goes to the post-it notes that have been stuck to my wall beside my desk. 🙂

    Cléa: There was a reason to that though, I would have thought that most people would read the latest posts through feeds and aggregation sites, so I didn’t have to worry about the latest post being full. Those that come in randomly at least, will get to read a lot more posts and see if they get to like it.

    But glad that you like the new layout. 🙂

    Eli James: Thank you. 🙂

  7. The front page is much better. It’s not so confusing anymore. 🙂

    Last tip: When you make an entry on Twitter about your blog post make another one on Twitter right after about something else. Right now I’m looking at your site and the last Twitter is…well…to look at your site lol.

    After announcing the new members I’ll see if I can find out something about the subpages. If you don’t hear from me in a week or so, don’t hesitate to remind me. Launching 9 sites soon so things might be a little crazy.

  8. Haha, I know how that annoys you Tyme, having feeds and Twitter on at the same time telling people about the same thing. I’ll see what I can do about that though.

    You take your time on the new members for 9rules. That quirk in the theme has been there for more than a year. I think it can afford to wait another few weeks. 🙂

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