When Parents Meet Blogs

What is it about parents and blogging. Hmmm…let me rephrase that. What is it about overprotective, technology-illiterate parents and blogging. I mean, if you’re not tech inclined in the first place, why would you care about blogging or anything to do with blogging? I supposed that’s why they call it overprotective in the first place.

It’s hard trying to explain to my mother the philosophies behind blogging. Her main argument is that our dirty laundry should not be aired to the public. Being that is it, how am I supposed to explain to her that for the most part…that’s what blogging is originally about…at least for my generation of blogging.

How am I supposed to explain that there are so many blogs out there that do the same thing? How am I supposed to explain that on the bigger picture, no one really pays attention to any dirty linen left out to dry because everyone else is too busy hanging up their dirty linen too? Hell…how am I supposed to start explaining in the first place? Let me give you a brief idea on what goes on between mother and blogging.

Her: You should not blog so much.
Me: Why?
Her: Bloggers are bad and you shouldn’t get involved in them.
Me: Why?
Her: This blogger is taking drugs (pointing to the Tuesday’s The Star report of the apparent investigation into Sixthseal’s blog).
Me: He’s not a bad person you know. He doesn’t even condone drug use. I’ve talked to him before about it.
Her: You still shouldn’t blog so much. You might say something wrong and be detained by the authorities.
Me: (Sighs and proceeds with a long argument that goes nowhere)

Now, obviously that’s just a gross summerization of the many many arguments I have had with my mother about blogging and really it doesn’t get anywhere. It’s different generations arguing about different ideals on different things. How is anyone supposed to come to a middle ground?

I suppose it is definitely a mistake to have had my mother come into my blog during the Blogathon, then again…if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have made that generous contribution nor help call in the rest of my relatives and friends to help donate to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia which helped alot during the blogathon. I suppose having your mother breathe down your neck every once in a while is a price well paid for a good cause.

It’s just that I like my privacy to say all the things I want to say in my life without being pursecuted for the many many obscure archaic reasons why I shouldn’t be doing so. The net just happens to be my last domain of absolute (but responsible) freedom of expression. Taking that away from me just isn’t an option I’m willing to submit to.

People tend to worry about how the government watches over what you say or how you express your public opinions on your blogs. People worry about how the higher ups or even the bloggers themselves might censor whatever is being said. None of that really matters for me save for one. In the land of the net where the bloggers lie…I just have to worry about my mother.

I wonder if anyone else has this problem?

10 thoughts on “When Parents Meet Blogs

  1. arghhhh.. just like my predicament. Every.single.time.

    Should hide all the blog-related articles in the media from my father. thank god i’m in Kedah now or else he too would’ve taken the sixthseal’s article and pressed it in my face. ;|

  2. I wouldn’t be so quick to surmise that the internet is a domain for absolute freedom of expression. One needs to bear in mind that society by and large is still regulated by the existing sets of legislation and case law. Should one be naive enough to believe that freedom of expression is guaranteed on the internet without the concomitant responsibilities attached to one’s representations, ideas or views, than one should exercise extreme caution whilst treading proverbial thin ice.

  3. Jaylle: Damn the media for all that mess.

    DC: Hence I did use the word “responsible”. Nothing comes without a price. At least whatever I intend to express. There are no catches to it. Save for the ones closer to home.

  4. i’ll bet my parents have seen my blog at least once. but they don’t seem to care. neither does my sister. they see news about bloggers being charged for sedition or having to remove posts for national security reasons yada yada, but all they do is “tsk” at it and that’s it.

    i guess i’m lucky that my family understands that blogging is the only way for me to write anything without pressure.

  5. i wish my parents would read my blog, then maybe they’d know me better.

    i’ve told my mum about my blog, but she’s just not interested in these “fads”.

  6. I agree with ChiQ, my mom doesn’t seem so interested as she’s more preoccupied with her Korean serials. (damn they’re addictive) Unless I drag her into my room and show her which I did a couple of times. My dad? Don’t even mention Internet..he’s like completely illiterate with these kinda things. In his words, ‘I have other better things to do’.

    But somehow even if they did read my blog I am VERY sure all hell will break lose. One will be because of my very indiscreet sex stories, two they would begin to discover my umm..depression which is they are still very oblivious off. The only family that reads my blog are my cousins.

  7. surprisingly, my parents seem to take it all better than some friends, MY age. like… stop it with the “apa kamu type tu?” questions already! my explaination only leaves them more shocked.

  8. My mother doesn’t know the meaning of the word “blog.” My dad does.

    Neither, however, realise that I have many. The funniest part is, my dad even asked me to help set up one, but never asked me about whether I had my own. I think he knows I do, but doesn’t know where it is.

  9. i do reckon my blog will cause me trouble one day.
    right now though, it’s fantastic. I’ve met some really nice people.

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