Where Has Our Blogosphere Gone: Redux

Do you sometimes feel that your parents can be overbearing on you? They keep telling you things that they don’t understand. They always seem to come off with knowing everything when sometimes you think you know better. Yet at the end of it all, parents take care of their children the best way they know how to because they care for the future of their kids whether their kids realise this or not. It isn’t a concept that’s not hard to relate to when you’re talking about the blogosphere.

There have been a lot of…well…responses to my previous post which was more directed to some of us who just find it tiring to relate to the current part of the blogosphere we’re inhabiting. Things happen, so it’s not hard for some of us to lose track of what we consider important, I was reminding us of what we used to blog for. No harm, no foul. Anyway…I could counter-comment on some of your blogs…but it’s reaaaaally long and I might as well blog about it anyway.

I really don’t know which part of my post really came off in saying that 3rd generation bloggers are bad. They are not bad. Many of my friends are from that 3rd generation. No one is saying that blogs that blog for an audience is bad. No one is saying blogs that blog for traffic is bad. No one is saying that blogs that blog because everyone is doing it is bad. People have been doing the same things in life for the same reason for decades now, it certainly cause a swarm of locust to plague the lands neither did it send the world spinning out of orbit into the sun (though maybe the swarm of locust were spun out of orbit into the sun instead).

I’m just saying that its easy to be carried away with the prejudice of our reasons.

When you’ve been in something has been working for you for the longest time then wake up one day to see the landscape completely change, how could you not feel a little lost in the situation? It goes the same for those that walk into something for the first time and see people who already seem comfortable and established with where they are. How could you not feel a little envious of the situation?

As far as I can see…this entire “situation” came about because a lot of new bloggers started to emulate the style of a lot of vet bloggers…for what reasons…the only ones I can speculate are the fact if it works really well for them, then it should work for you too. Vet bloggers…being vet bloggers started to form 3 distinct groups.

  1. Ones that hated wannabe blogs who turned them into keywords.
  2. Ones that wanted to guide the new blogs.
  3. One that really didn’t care at all.

So you can really see how you come about the some of the current 3rd generation ideas to the veteran bloggers.

  1. Superiority
  2. Arrogance
  3. Elitism

Being that most bloggers still are human beings and not cats and dogs. You can expect the sense of…defensiveness in the air. Naysayers come about saying that their blogs are they own and why should anyone listen to anyone given how our blogs are run. Which gives the vet bloggers a run for their money and push on with what we’re doing and well…bob’s your uncle and we are where we are now.

I don’t like that one bit. Why can’t we all agree to just disagree and be off with it? I mean, even my opinions aren’t shared by all veteran bloggers. Minishorts for instance doesn’t always agree with me (she doesn’t even agree to my last post) and our disagreements have been…loud. Doesn’t mean she can’t be one of my closest friends that come about from blogging. All it takes is for both people to listen to both sides of the story.

No one has to feel inferiour because there is no reason for other people to feel superiour. It doesn’t mean that we all can’t learn from each other. It doesn’t mean that we all can’t give each other better ideas on how to write instead of feeling intimidated or envious that some people have better readership. Like some of you said, so many new bloggers have equally good readership and write just as well if not better than some veteran bloggers. So if that’s the reality of it. Why is everyone harping about it?

If you like what you read, read it then. If you don’t like it, agree to disagree and comment if you must. But don’t conduct a crusade man. If you don’t agree…fine…there are a lot of those things people don’t agree in the beginning but begin to understand it in due time. It just takes the civility of sense and the openness in the light of freedom.

I hope that makes sense.

8 thoughts on “Where Has Our Blogosphere Gone: Redux

  1. i’m trying some light-hearted humor here. the virtually networked world was the original landscape leading to the Internet. a decade later, frequently updated websites that featured mostly personal views or journals (diaries if you will) started popping up due to technological advancement, and these eventually gained the name – blog. these were a welcome addition to the exploding WWW.

    being the old fart that i am, i’m looking at kids discovering something new and getting excited about it, and then seeing more and more even newer kids moving into their playground and also seeing the older kids getting upset or disappointed about it because the new kids didn’t see the playground the same way they did.

    haha… anyway, it’s funny to see so many posts on the same topic, when we say it doesn’t really matter in the end. aiyah, it’s just a ‘blog’ lah. like you say, there’s more to people than their reputation or skills in ‘blogging’.

    nobody is arguing, just expressing their own viewpoint. if others don’t get it, that’s fine, but just never insist our viewpoint is the only right viewpoint. i understand ur point because you have strong attachments to blogs and this particular blog circle.

    you’re right that constructive debate is well and good. it should be encouraged in our society.

    aiyah, can’t we all just get along? 😛

  2. Hahaha…good point. If it doesn’t matter why are we all blogging about it? Unless it does matter and we’re just not admiting it. Aha…a clue!! Man…if I was a psych student, this would definitely be coming out in my thesis.


    > Minishorts for instance doesn’t always agree with me (she doesn’t even agree to my last post) and our disagreements have been…loud. Doesn’t mean she can’t be one of my closest friends that come about from blogging.

    Amen to that. Like me for instance, I have many close friends who think evolution is bull.

  4. Randomness:

    Change is good. Evolution is necessary. Back then not many people had net access at home, let alone have the tools, skills etc to set up a personal homepage. Now more people are acessing the Net on a daily basis (meh, I can’t live without it, my livelihood depends on it and I don’t mean from my blog); more awareness for bloggers, readers and bloggers-to-be. Sooner or later one has to realise that there are things that could be done and could not be done, things that could be said and could not be said and so on and so forth. Just got to learn at your own pace, that way you would really understand the whys. It would be quite sad if a person cannot change with time.

    /end randomness

  5. [crapness]

    eh maybe you also subconsciously go and influence ppl to write about blogging and knncb its getting boring lah what on earth is this,,, toink toink toink… ooo hthere’s a chicken in the sky i’m going to learn how to fly… ok but look you see you adi influenced that YvYto write about the topic adi… OMG OMG overbeaten track… sien sial.


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