Who’s Writing Your Blog?

For some reason this next part of Lorelle’s Blogging Challenge seems fitting given that a lot of people around my end of the blogosphere seem to be suffering from some sort of loss of blogging identity. For some reason, people are reacting to the idea that the current state of the blogging community has had its quality dropped off the edge of the abyss like it was a new thing. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t, it’s a big world of blogs out there and I don’t think something as small as the Project Petaling Street community is going to crack a few eggs out there.

But putting that all aside, let’s get on to the reason why I’m writing this. It’s not a definition of what a blog should be about, but this challenge is a definition of who this blog is about. Yes, I have an About Page, but if you have actually gone through it instead of nodding off there, you’d realise that it doesn’t tell you exactly who I am…just what this blog is about. Then you have some confessional memes or miscellaneous posts which does tell you a bit about my life…but nothing really solid about the person who writes this blog.

No, this blog is only a glimpse into part of my life but not the person that defines this blog as a character. You can however read through every single one of my posts and while having a rudimentary understanding of human psychology dissect and come to a conclusion about who write this blog. But since I’m positive many of you have better things to do than to waste time with such nonsense, I might as well do Lorelle’s Blogging Challenge on who is writing your blog and tell every single one of you.

While Lorelle’s post does give the many faces of the blogger, I’m going to narrow it down to one aspect of my blog. I am, in this blog, Footsteps in the Mirror, the narcissistic teacher. That’s who I am as I write my posts each time.

I, like almost everyone else on this planet consider myself a unique individual. Not exactly special as in special privileges, but at least unique to one’s character. That reflects ever so brightly when I write, I want to tempt and draw out those qualities in myself that I know are good and do what it takes to prove to people that I am this good. I’ve learnt my lesson, I won’t go blindly claiming myself to be the best in something when they are still people ahead of me, but I will put my foot down on every matter, every commentary and every opinion I write with the message that says “I do know what I’m talking about and you’re going to have to walk a long way if you’re going to try and dispute me”.

At the same time, I am person with a message. It’s far from being the hero or the anti-hero of the community. I’m not going to come down and save the world from almost certain damnation. I can’t, I don’t have cool red underwear to wear over my pants. What I can do and what I know how to do and what I have been doing all these while even as a friend, as a colleague, as a confidante and as a lover is give people a choice. It’s not as much as stating the blindly obvious to clueless people, but it’s often about giving that alternate and unique perspective that I allow myself to thread upon to people that want more than just the mundane existance of routine life.

I was raised the same, yet completely different from everyone else. I have the same, yet different path in which I experienced life. So whatever choices I have made, whatever in life I have experienced, I put it down here, as a memory and testament to what has gone before and a lesson to those who want to walk of the edge of the social norm. I will as I always have, give you that extra choice in life you never thought about, give you that perspective that makes you go “Oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that?”. It may not be defining, but that’s probably my fault.

So that is who I am everytime I write a post here on my blog. It’s certainly not the defining part of me as a whole, but it is me as someone who expresses themselves in this form of freedom. At the end of it, as I have said before, I keep blogging because somewhere along the road, that part of me that I have admitted to you will meet the part of me that believes does those things.

Defining who I am as a blogger only sets the level in which you have to be to be good at what you do. You can’t claim to be something you’re not even if having a rebelious, in-your-face name sounds cool to the (very) young audience. I am who I’ve said I am, the rest of which leaves plenty more for improvement. One I’d be quite willing to fulfil till the end of days.

4 thoughts on “Who’s Writing Your Blog?

  1. We’re all contributing something to this blogging community, no matter how small it may be.

    Love ur penguins btw! =)

  2. Lorelle: I don’t feel anything really. It feels natural to write this, yet hopefully people will get the point. It’s one thing to write something and discover it in yourself. It’s another to write something you already know you posess in yourself. 🙂

    Pat: Who might that be?

    Jocelyn: Thanks. But “who” are those people that contribute, that’s what this challenge is about. Finding who writes your blog. 🙂

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