Why Do I Blog: Redux

I know, it’s probably overwritten to death especially in our small side of blogosphere, then again it is good to go back to the reasons why you’re blogging in the first place every once in a while just so that you know what blogging means to you and at least to prevent the dreaded blogging apathy.

It’s not a bad time to fire up the old noodle to begin with, I mean it is the beginning of the new year and Lorelle gave me more than enough of an excuse to re-explore my reasons anyway. So here it goes, the reason why I blog is simple:

I want have something that means something in my life.

Read that again slowly, I can wait. You see, when I started blogging, it was innocent. It was during the time before blogging became a cool fad, before blogging became something of a gold mine of resources and money making opportunities. I blogged in the beginning simply because it gave me a way to shout out to the world exactly how I feel. It became my diary of secrets and a form of catharsis for my own chaotic emotions and thoughts that I couldn’t share with anyone.

Then for a while, it wasn’t all for myself. It became a popularity contest between bloggers. After years of blogging, the fever pitch of the local A-List “elite” blogging hit me full force as I blogged to attract and impress people. It still mattered that I blogged about what I knew, but it mattered more to me to give something to the audience that appealed to them and drew them to me. I became one of those me-too blogs out there that tried to cash in on the hype of the things of the moment. For those moments too, I wasn’t the most happiest of bloggers.

Now it’s been close to 3 years since I have been blogging and I guess after all that what I really blog for is a kind of balance between who I am and what I want. Blogging has become a way of life for me. Yes I would still like to make a name for myself in the blogosphere or at least be known for being a worthwhile read, but as far as the truth is, I don’t have the kind of lifestyle nor the flair for writing that could put my name up there with a lot of good bloggers.

The way I see it, I am a blogger that walks on two sides of the sphere. A kind of schizophrenic feeling that depends on how my mood is when I blog. It isn’t great and it works for now, but there is always room for improvement.

So yeah at the end of it, the reason I blog as I do everyday because I have the hope that one day the blogger that I am and the blogger that I want to be will meet, and when that happens…I think it’ll be mighty interesting to see what may come out of it.

3 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog: Redux

  1. Interesting. You start out by saying you blog for meaning in your life, and yet you end by saying:

    …I have the hope that one day the blogger that I am and the blogger that I want to be will meet…

    Among the many hats I wear is one for teaching self-esteem and improvement workshops. One of the examples I use I call the “personality bubble theory”.

    Imagine there are two bubbles that represent the whole of your personality. One bubble is called “Who I am” and the other is “What I allow others to see or know”.

    A perfect person would have the two bubbles overlapping each other so “what you see is what you get” would ring true. Most of us, though, have our bubbles so far apart, the Grand Canyon could fit in between.

    This makes who you really are so far hidden from what others see, that you might even not know who you are, and others certainly don’t know who you are.

    There are many reasons why people hide who they really are from the world, but the true “seeker of light” works daily to bring those two bubbles closer to overlapping. The more they overlap, the healthier you are in mind and body.

    It sounds like you are using blogging to bring the two bubbles closer together, and that is an amazing accomplishment. And if that isn’t bringing meaning to your life, nothing will. Good for you!

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