Why Do You Read My Blog?

As a testament to a measure of success, I do have quite a number of return readers, much less frequent commenters on this blog. In a way, that takes the edge off the 100 or so viewers a day that drop by from various search engines looking for a way to make their penis bigger. Yet all this time, I don’t think I’ve ever knew what made some of you loyal readers of this blog.

So that’s the question I invite you the readers and especially those of you who bothered to subscribe to this blog and return on a regular basis. What do you like about Footsteps in the Mirror? Why do you keep reading it? What do you look forward to when you read this blog? Most importantly, what defines this blog in your mind?

I look hope some of you out there can answer this question for me. In fact, for those of you who haven’t yet asked the question. Why not ask your readers the same questions I’m asking? It’s a worth a try to know. After all, sometimes we need a little help to know where we stand in the eyes of our readers. Whether to better ourselves or to know we’re on the right course. It’s a question that we all have to ask some time or another.

So why do you keep returning to this blog? I really would like to know.

11 thoughts on “Why Do You Read My Blog?

  1. I don’t classify myself as a loyal reader of your blog but I do drop by once in a while to leave a comment or two in entries I’m interested in. A friend once told me she keeps returning because my entries/style of writing is interesting to read so I’m suggesting it should be the same for you too.

  2. Sometimes I find your writing style wayyyy above mine. Sometimes I have trouble following your posts and sometimes I don’t know what you’re talking about. But most of the time I’d bother to click the link to leave you a comment because I can relate to what you’ve just written. I can understand how you feel, or rather, I can see myself in your blog.

    It must be the mirror you have, Ed. Heh.

  3. Probably because a real “blog” is a rare thing nowadays.

    Especially one one that doesn’t get peppered with LOLz, OMGz, and other teenager-ish acronyms.

  4. Hinching: Which kind of entries were you interested in?

    Pelf: Well, the magic mirror makes everyone happy. 🙂

    Sharina: Thank you. Though I still think it’s a couple of words cobbled together. 🙂

    Azmeen: Makes you wonder what a real “blog” is supposed to be these days.

  5. Because of your catchy post titles! But seriously, apart from having catchy titles, your posts are also original and reflects your thoughts. It stands out by itself 🙂

  6. To me a “blog” is defined as web log; an online diary of some sort. Nowadays most blogs are just marketing web tools or something along those lines.

    I read FITM because I can actually understand the language used here. It’s easy to digest and every once in a while makes me go “Hmmm…”.

  7. Pablopabla: Haha, Thanks. Nothing more catchy than the most read post on this blog. 🙂

    Azmeen: It took me a while to figure out what “FITM” was. 🙂 Blogs are about updated content. Just that these days what that content is, well…there is a lot to contest on what actually is good.

  8. well, first of all i read cause i blog hop a lot and ur one of the blogs that makes me think in a way that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond what i think usually 😛

    but other than tht, its also to see how ur doing 😀

  9. The personality of the blogger is important, and to me, the rapport we’ve developed in time are what brings me back. I also like your contemplative posts. Oh and Doing a ChickyBabe! 😛

  10. Kristine: You could always call…preferably when I’m not in the middle of doing something. It works more than just a couple of words you have to read. 🙂

    ChickyBabe: We have gone a long way since we first started reading each other’s blogs haven’t we? Oh to kick back with vodka in our hands one day. Now that’s really doing a ChickyBabe. 🙂

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