Why Would Anyone Aspire To Be A Blogger?

In the eyes of many new bloggers, blogging these days seem to be synonymous with wealth and a near celebrity like status. While I’d like to do a satire of this little piece of delusion, I’m not that good in playing with my words and it’s already been done in no better a way.

If anyone remotely thinks that being a blogger would bring you the self satisfaction of fame and riches, that person really needs a swift kick to the head. It’s not to say that people’s opinions haven’t made a difference or that thy can actually earn a reasonable profit from what they write. It’s just that to say that you’re on the road to success by starting a blog would be akin to saying you can be the head of a multi-national conglomerate by starting off as a street sweeper. The odds are seriously against you, but hey…we all deserve to be optimistic right?

The thing that so many people fail to realize and I think I lost count of how many times I have said this, is that there are no good bloggers out there. There never was and there never will be. There are only the people good at the things they do are are willing to write them down and the people who have nothing to do but write them down anyway. We just got lazy at distinguishing between the two that we decided to lump everyone as a blogger and call them out according to the way they say things. After a while, it gets easier to tell just who actually knows what they are talking about and who are the blind people leading the blind masses. Or so applies to those that bother to stop being blind.

So if you’re going to aspire to be something big, at least make it the things actually can be credited for. If blogging is a medium we can all relate to, then at least make the content behind what’s been written something worthwhile. Whether it be a valid point in the work we do or a creative outlet of the lives we live. No one need be good at blogging. They just need to be good at what they do in real life. The wealth and that elusive near celebrity status will follow naturally regardless and take my word for it.

When you’re done you wouldn’t even need a blog for it then.

4 thoughts on “Why Would Anyone Aspire To Be A Blogger?

  1. Blog is a weblog for people. People write for some reason. I blog because I love to share my word out of myself.

    I think is quite true that not so many good writer who write a blog and I don’t think blog can make you rich.

  2. “Aspire to be a blogger”? “Celebrity like status”? First I’ve heard of it. Who are these wannabes?

  3. oOFooi: People write for a reason, but when those reasons are for the sake of being the number one attention seeker. There is a problem with that.

    Cléa: And be glad you’ve never heard of them. They pepper the blogging community like bacterial colonies on an otherwise clean plate. You wouldn’t want any on you.

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