Xiaxue: 10 Most Powerful Women In Blogging

Whoa…this is something I definitely have to blog even though this doesn’t relate to me. Apparently Xiaxue belongs to one of the Top 10 most powerful Women in Blogging. I kid you not. Not bad too, considering she’s ranked number 5.

To quote from that post:

If she ever decided to get into this on a more professional level she could rise to number one overnight.

Not that I’m a fan or her anti-fan or anything but that remains to seen and heard. That remains to be pretty scary as well. Can you imagine her on a professional level? I mean at par with the rest of the other women on the list. Some big assed blogging-related network set to give back to the blogging community like what Xeni Jardin (BoingBoing) or Joi Ito (Tecchnorati) Mena Trott (Six Apart) have done.

Again, not to sound really negative but it’s like watching an accident about to happen. You really don’t want it to happen, but you’re just too damn curious to see what happens. But who knows…it probably would be something worth seeing alright.

Update: Joi Ito is a guy which proves that even guys can get mistaken for women. Not bad too since HE is ranked among the top 10 most powerful women in blogging. Or maybe that is a bad thing. Maybe it’s bad for the list because I’m still laughing my head off at the fact a guy could be mistaken for a woman.

Thanks to Suanie and Eyeris for pointing that out.

Update: I just had a thought, does this mean that Xiaxue could be a guy as well?

7 thoughts on “Xiaxue: 10 Most Powerful Women In Blogging

  1. Eyeris: Shucks I was editing it when you commented. Well…Xiaxue is in there in the first place. I wonder that too. Haha…talk about lack of research. Then again…I did forget about Joi ito being a guy…but I’m sick…and I’m studying…and in shock that Xiaxue is up there. I have pathetically valid excuses.

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