You Can’t Argue With Stupid

There is a difference between being good enough to have people contact you for the purpose of offering a deal with you and people who go to others asking for something in return for the same deal. It’s hard to explain this to many bloggers because in this time and place, most bloggers find it hard to believe that persistently good content can still get you somewhere. After all, how would telling people about your life get you offers for hosting or other goodies?

But things like that do happen, only because persistence pays off and if you’re really good at something, people will hear and help you out. However, I don’t think talking about this any further does anyone any good. If it works for us all, then it makes sense to keep doing what we like. Criticism aside, it’s just a matter of knowing why you do what you do without being defensive. I’ve got no reason to claim hypocrisy or jealousy because I already have what I like with what I do.

You either get it or you don’t. The unfortunate thing is, most don’t.

10 thoughts on “You Can’t Argue With Stupid

  1. I think it is OK to voice opinion about this issue but calling people “stupid” as stated on this post title only means that you are still immature in such discussion.
    people do things differently, why bring in the name calling? and you know very well someone will hantam balik, whats the use of pouring oil into the fire ?

    I am neutral in this issue.

    in my opinion each blog has its own quality no matter how suxx or ugly it is. I just respect it. different people have different taste. what matters is we start to open a blog and start to post. a new journey begins.

    what I strongly disagree is elitism where certain bloggers set so called standards for good and bad blog. well thats one thing, they go further by bashing the blogs that they categorize as sub par, calling them names like “stupid” etc.
    I think it is uncall for, elitism is bad enough but what is this anti-peace statement btw?

    in my opinion what makes malaysian blogsphere ugly is NOT income oriented blogs nor “sub-quality” / “stupid” blogs,

    but a few “good” bloggers who introduce elitism and blogger bashing culture.

    we are still having this lose/lose mentality?

    why not we grow up, respect others a bit and choose win/win instead? we dont have enough war here or we are too free, goyang kaki so lets start fighting with each other ? ^_^

    just my opinion, i bash no one here 🙂

  2. That’s why I said, you can’t argue with stupid. Whatever was said in that post was an end point conclusion and my last piece of personal thoughts on this. Unless you’re really trying to bring something new up or you are touchy on this subject, there is really no reason any further point would come of this.

    The interesting thing here is, if you’re neutral, why the time and trouble to try and make a point?

  3. I think people should blog what they want..
    Just like how you are doing so, and that’s what I like to read! =)

  4. Seriously. You really can’t take a difference of opinion can you? If this post was meant as you say, to be an end point conclusion and anyone who has a contrary view of the opinion expressed in that post is considered “touchy on this subject”….you really should just shut the comments function off.

    Someone called you on your condescension and your response completely underscores his point.

    Relax has an extremely valid point, several, actually, and if you fail to get that perspective and choose instead to get snide, well… the title of your post says it all. I guess it’s true, it’s way easier to be a naked emperor than to take constructive criticism.

  5. Huei: The problem is when people tend to disagree with the points. That’s when people start to get defensive.

    Spot: I don’t know about snide, but I do know that I have said what I felt at that time. To explain why I don’t see a problem with being a little elitist and exclusive at this point would be pretentious and defensive, things I don’t want to push any more. What’s wrong with that difference of opinion?

  6. I don’t think anyone’s saying you MUST NOT be elitist. You evidently are, regardless whether what you base that self-perception on is justifiable, from a non-interested third party’s perspective.

    I think Relax, and certainly I myself for that matter, are pointing out how unnecessary it is to resort to personal attacks (I have no wish to quote that overused latin term) and call people stupid, just because you perceive (however delusional) them as not up to your standards.

    Unnecessary because name-calling doesnt add anything to your points. If anything, name-calling just gives the impression of a deep-seated insecurity. You know, like where a person is insecure about whether or not he’s liked or popular, whether or not people respect him, his thoughts etc etc, and in an effort to cover up that insecurity, self-aggrandises instead.

    One can be elitist and still not care whether or not other ppl agree or subscribe to the same philosophy, because really…to each his own. Those are the kind of ppl who don’t bristle at or put down others who voice a contrary view.

    If you’re not prepared to hear/read a variety of opinions, don’t have a comments box, is what I’m saying. When you call someone who disagrees with you stupid (which is essentially what you also did to Relax in your very first line to him/her)…well, it just really undermines your credibility when you consider yourself as a producer of “good content”.

  7. Alright. It’s a fair enough point and I think I know what brought this about. I wasn’t calling people who disagrees with me as stupid. It wasn’t in reference to that. It’s in reference to the phrase “You can’t doctor stupidity”. I tend to rant and move on. My point to Relax was simply this, if this doesn’t affect him and he’s neutral about it. Why the long point?

  8. spot, just let go lah,

    in a discussion I just present my opinion thats all, I am not looking for fight here and the length of a comment is irrelevant in discussion so I do not see why “long” comment has something to do with this.

    so after I present my opinion it’s up to the person to agree/disagree with it. it’s that simple. that is how mature discussion works. I didnt expect my opinion to become a trigger for the posters negative manner btw.

    I do not know how I got labelled as being defensive here for presenting my opinion but if he choose to not accept a discussion in a mature manner, then it is his choice. at least we know how he handle criticism and next time we can discuss with someone else who can discuuss things more maturely without looking for a fight debate.

    anyways, we can just leave the poster for time being, maybe he needs some time to learn, perhaps in a hard way.

    There is a saying, let you win this battle, but you lost people’s respect and potential friendship. maybe at the end u find urself only with a few friends ^_^

    I am not having a liking towards and elitist too, spot. 🙂

    chill and be peace 🙂

  9. This is turning into a headache. It is interesting how people do think that everything is about them and how condescending things have become under the pretence that this is even an argument. But I’ll let it slide. After all, it’s either you get it or you don’t. Guess from the first comment onwards, you have a long way to go to understand it.

  10. It seriously boggles me how the judgements you pass on other people are just as apt a description of yourself…yet you don’t seem to see it.

    I think the logic at work here is on entirely different planes. Which is why I’ll leave it as it is. Walls. Heads. No good.

    But my baser nature can’t but wonder (in writing, instead of only to myself) why no other reader has thought this display interesting enough to wade in. Anyone neutral care moderate? hehe. It’d be most enlightening to see a less…defensive..person’s take on the marvelous flow of logic at play here.

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